A Kitchen for the Family

A Kitchen for the Family

Kitchen, the heart of the home, has to be a pleasant space that brings the family together. In order to do that, you must design a functional kitchen with ample space for mingling, chatting and casually hanging around with the family. Well, worry not, that’s just an easy-peasy task as long as we are with you! Here are some amazing ideas and tips for planning a family-friendly kitchen.

  • Add a Kitchen Island

Preparing meals, conversing about the day, or teaching how to cook, kitchen islands will take care of all of it. It is an extremely comfortable, wholesome, multi-task area to add value to your kitchen.

  • Add furniture

Adding some comfy seating will make your family to hang out more in the kitchen and have some fun time together. Also, it adds appeal to the overall look of your kitchen.

  • Accessible Storage

Put the frequently used items in the most accessible cabinets or drawers. By the same token, try to keep things in the same place consistently to avoid “where is…this that?” calls.

  • The Colour Change

Consider choosing a cute, attractive colour for your kitchen might play with the psyche of the family members and want them to hang out more in the kitchen.

  • The Command Center

A humble way to assign tasks and duties to the family members is to put up an organisation system somewhere in the kitchen corner which is clearly visible. In this way, all the members will be aware of the daily tasks and checklists they have to perform in order to avoid any disorder.

  • Family Bulletin Board

To keep the things more fun, you can even add a family bulletin board for family snapshots, kids’ artwork or party invites. You can also use it as a meal timetable or recipe 

notes so that you don’t have to run to your mom all the time for that favourite family recipe of yours.

  • Security Features

Simple features like adding shelves for glass accessories out of children’s reach, might be a good consideration for the family. Other child-proof features could also be inserted like slow-closing hinges on the drawers and doors of the cabinets. The objective of all these features is to avoid mishaps.

We hope you have a safe and happy kitchen for your family. 

Tell us in the comment section about the features you think will add value to your family-friendly kitchen.

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