A Space For Homemade Memories, Seasoned With Love

A Space For Homemade Memories, Seasoned With Love

People have evolved and embraced the modern world and kitchens that are an integral part of their modernised lives. Everyone tries to make their kitchen the heart of the house as its the centre of all the household activities. Be it your working space, a place you want to sit and enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee, help kids with homework, pay bills or just chill with family, more and more people find the kitchen the perfect area!

The year 2020 has taught all of us a new meaning of life as the pandemic forced us all to be home and learn the basics which many had forgotten. Being in the kitchen and prepare our own meals, are certainly few of them!

Many people had to re-visit their memories of cooking as they had to start cooking again without any help, watch videos on youtube or call up their loved ones to upskill themselves. This phase has ignited the love for having that perfect looking kitchen which is not just modern in looks but also functional. Many of us had to rethink our home design revolving around the kitchen and make the most of the area with multi-functional units.

Here are few ideas and designs you can also incorporate in your kitchen and upgrade it into a Multifunctional Kitchen!

A Multi-Purpose Island to maximize your kitchen

A kitchen island is the best way to expand cooking space, make the kitchen more functional, and level-up your kitchen’s look and feel. You can style it up with some stylish bar stools or tall chairs to turn it into a perfect breakfast nook! 

Cooking cum Working Space 

You can also set up a mini-office for yourself here, spend more time with your family here by letting your partner work alongside or your kids to finish their homework while you cook. For that, you need to decide on a place that is a little distant from the cooking section of your kitchen. Check the lighting and make sure you have conveniently placed power outlets for your devices and cabinets for your office supplies.

Cabinets for easy access 

There are several types and styles of cabinets for everyone, nowadays! Modern kitchen designs include cabinets with rotators and drawers that keep you organized by making every nook and corner of the cabinets accessible. Some designs also provide you with a little charging station for your devices. Look at the various styles of cabinet doors and open shelving systems available and decide what works the best for you and your family!

A Happy Hour station 

Things are getting back to normal slowly, but until then it might be a good idea to create a drinks& snack corner for you and your family to sit back and rewind! You can either include a wine storage unit in your kitchen island or get a separate wine rack that matches your space. Bring weekend fun to your workdays any time!

Our team at Hacker Kitchens can assist you to make the most of your existing kitchen and turn it into a modern, multifunctional and memory-making space! Do visit us & check out our range of products. We are here to make your time in the kitchen feel easier & effortless – just tell us what you like and we will help you make the necessary changes!

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