Best Kitchen for your Appliances

Best Kitchen for your Appliances

Thinking of redesigning or revamping your kitchen? A kitchen that’s livable, spacious and aesthetic? You’re at the right place!

We help you restructure your kitchen with the best layout ideas for your appliances avoiding all the potential pitfalls. The trouble in opening the fridge door, not getting the grip for a cabinet or the tangle wars of the wired appliances, forget all the nightmares.

Make your new cooking space a success by incorporating these ideas and just relax!

  1. Group all the appliances together:

The first and foremost is to keep all the appliances together on one wall so that the wiring is concentrated at one place and you’re saved from playing the untangling game all over the place. The refrigerator, microwave, oven, coffee machine, kettle, grinder and so on.

  1. Make your cooker the focal point:

The fundamental function of the kitchen is to cook while all other appliances are for support. Keeping that in mind, place the cooker in the center and the kitchen a symmetrical look with other appliances and furniture on either side.

  1. Create a wet zone:

It’s one of the best approaches to make your kitchen chores convenient. Position your washing machine, dishwasher and tumble dryer somewhere near the sink so that the plumbing takes place at one single place.

  1. Cabinet space storage:

When space comes at a premium, it’s always advisable to make use of the hidden space inside your cabinets to place your appliances like blender, toaster, etc. to streamline and maximize the cabinet storage.

  1. The refrigerator, the microwave, the pantry:

Put all these together to put all the food at one place. Don’t worry about the temperature regulation because today’s technology is self-contained and well-insulated. However, you need to be wary if you’re installing low-budget appliances as the features there are limited.

  1. Microwave at eye level:

Why bend down or raise heels to check the remaining time on the microwave? Set the appliance at eye level to easily put and retrieve stuff from the microwave. This is surely the most overlooked approach which may become a lifesaver and make the hassle of keeping tabs on food a thing of the past.

  1. Dishwasher off the floor:

It is no necessity to place the dishwasher right on the floor. Consider keeping it a bit higher from the floor to make loading and unloading more conducive. This way you will be free from the struggle of pulling out heaving trays and casseroles from the washer. The space below the dishwasher can be further used to place other items.

The right kitchen layout will ensure proper practicality and functionality of your kitchen. Try out what works the best for your requirements and tell us in the comment section what idea did you like the most.


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