Best Kitchen Layouts

Best Kitchen Layouts

There’s so much to consider when it comes to renovating the heart of the house. A kitchen is more than just a cooking space. You need to keep in mind the functionality and aesthetics simultaneously not forgetting to make the kitchen liveable for all the house members. Before you get carried away with just one of these, here are few layout ideas that would make your kitchen design a sweet success.

  1. One-Wall Kitchen Layout

As the name suggests, everything in the kitchen is placed efficiently along one single wall – cabinets, sink, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, stove, etc.

Pretty much everything is concentrated along a wall. It is suitable for long, narrow spaces that is available for the kitchen and is really simple to design and install.

  1. U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

It consists of base cabinets along three walls with an end open. It involves more services into its space than any other layouts. You need adequate space for a large and truly functional U-shaped kitchen layout.

  1. L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Forming the letter ‘L’, the cabinets extend in two directions. Suitable for medium-sized homes, the design is compact and cost-effective that uses the kitchen triangle – sink, stove, refrigerator. It also opens up floor space for adding a kitchen island or a dining area.

  1. Galley Kitchen or Corridor Style Kitchen

All the crucial functions are set along two parallel walls that are roughly 48 inches apart after the cabinets have been installed. This layout is narrow, compact and perfect for small, single-family.

      5. G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

It is a variation of U-shaped layout adding a peninsula giving the cooking and chilling space. This layout gives an opportunity to create a nice dining area for family time where you can discuss your day and help your children with homework.

  1. Double Island Layout

If you have abundant space, you wouldn’t mind having two kitchen islands, would you? If designed smartly, this layout will help three or more people to cook meals at the same time without creating interference for others.

Choose the best layout according to your needs, wants and, of course, the space available to you. Tell us in the comment section which layout suits you the best!

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