Cabinets – All you need to know

Cabinets – All you need to know

We completely understand your ‘Cabinet Conundrum’, which is why we bring to you a guide for all the things you need to know about cabinetry. Homeowners seek for the best quality cabinets for their homes and we assist you in selecting what’s right for you and your home.
First let’s talk about the three levels of cabinetry.

1. Stock Cabinets
Stock Cabinets are the most affordable and good-quality option with pre-determined industry-styled measurements that have to be in-built in the already formed kitchen structure. The installation is quick and hassle-free because of low customisation. Although your choice is limited to what is available here, these cabinets are definitely great selections for better prices. You can use colours to elevate the design and look of your kitchen.

2. Semi-custom Cabinets
As the name suggests, semi-custom incorporates features from stock and fully-custom cabinetry. These types definitely give you more options of sizing and alteration for different applications and are a more affordable alternative to customized cabinetries.

3. Custom Cabinets
Custom cabinets are the most expensive and flexible option. The investment is fairly large but it really makes your kitchen something special. That being said, it also gives you full authority over size, colour, doors and finish.

Few elements that should be on your radar when shopping for cabinets

Cabinet construction
There are two types of cabinet constructions:

a. Traditional Cabinet Boxes: These cabinet boxes are more common and simpler where the door closes onto the cabinet. Framed cabinets have good joinery, sturdy bracing, solid construction and all-wood frame, making it a classic choice for your kitchen interior.

b. Frameless Cabinet Boxes: These cabinet boxes are more spacious and modern which comes without the front frame. If you aim for a contemporary look for your kitchen with more accessibility and more usable space then frameless cabinets might be the way to go.

Door Types
Three common types of cabinet doors are:

a. Partial Overlay – most common and economical of the three, partially overlaps the face fram of the cabinet box.
b. Full Overlay – covers approximately the entire face fram of the cabinet box giving a cleaner and high-end design look.
c. Inset – Inset doors are fit inside of the cabinet boxes instead of resting over the face frame, giving a neat look.

Plywood vs. Particle board
Plywood is more stronger and durable than particleboard, works pretty well under moistened conditions and is resistant to dents and scratches.
Particle board is not as strong but has a smoother surface that allows finishing materials to make the finished product look more impressive.

Remember that a bad cabinetry design can suck the life right out of your kitchen and drawers play an important role in determining what a good cabinet design is!
Let’s make the squeaky door sound a thing of the past. With mechanical advancement, we have smooth sliders and soft-close hardwares for slamming drawers. For framed cabinets all-wood drawers are the best while for frameless cabinets, wood or metal drawers work fine.

Cabinet Warranty
It is essential to look for warranties for your cabinet to ensure the stability and longevity of the company with which you are doing business.
The warranty length depends on the price of the cabinets. The more expensive the cabinets, the longer the warranty. In general, warranties run from 5 to 25 years.

What is covered?
All warranties cover defects in the materials used in a cabinet’s construction. For instance, if the cabinet door hinge breaks, a replacement hinge will be provided. Likewise, any defects due to workmanship will be covered, like, if the cabinets arrive with a damaged piece of molding, a new piece of molding will be given.

What is not covered?
Misuse of the cabinet, natural aging of the wood, and the cost of labor provided to replace defective materials(only the cost of materials is covered) .

Know A to Z’s of your cabinets and only go for good quality, that’s all we have to say. Tell us in the comment section about the ideas you have in mind for your kitchen revamp!


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