Common Mistakes while Choosing a Kitchen

Common Mistakes while Choosing a Kitchen

Our kitchens are no more just a cooking station for the family, it’s become much more than that! If you think about it, kitchens are an amazing chit-chat hub, a cosy space for a little tea party, or maybe, sometimes for just sitting alone and contemplating life. 

Designing or choosing a kitchen for your house is an uphill battle that has to be done just right. That’s exactly when we come into the picture. We’ll help you choose the right kitchen by avoiding some common mistakes.


Not Having a Practical Budget

Spending extravagantly is one of the most common mistakes people make while choosing a new kitchen or renovating the existing one. To avoid going over budget, it is recommended to have a money spend plan beforehand. Even if you have enough money to splash out, it is always nice to have a fixed figure in mind to keep away from buying unnecessary items that will only stack up in your kitchen.


Wrong Counter Space

Planning every inch of your kitchen is important. Oftentimes, people tend to not include enough counter space for multiple tasks and regret later. It’s always wise to pre-plan on how you like your kitchen counter to be and what tasks you are willing to do on the counter.


Forget About Ventilation

Nobody’s fond of the lingering smell drifting throughout the house. A good ventilation can not only take care of the smell but also capture impurities and clean the kitchen air, overall. It is advisable to use a good quality ventilation system for proper functioning, noise levels and energy consumption.


Miscalculate Storage Requirement

From cutlery to condiments to spices, everything should have a place of their own.

Plan the allocation of every single thing; the drawers, the cabinets, even the furniture, to steer clear of utensil stack ups, confusion and misplacement of items.


Underestimating Power Capacity

In order to fulfil power needs of all your kitchen appliances, you need to upgrade your power board to attain what you want. It is suggested to occasionally check the power load capacity with your electrician to avoid any mishap.


Ignore Kitchen Lighting

Like the other rooms, kitchens need good lights for the aesthetics as well as the functions. Natural sunlight through windows and ventilators just add cherry to the cake.


Forget about Dumping Area

Do not ever forget to create a dumping area for your rubbish and recycling. The best idea is to install cupboards with freestanding bins for different disposals like biodegradable, non-biodegradable, recycling and general disposals. We know this is the least glamorous part of the kitchen but plays a huge role in the hygiene and appearance of the kitchen.


Not Choosing Good Quality Cabinets

Your cabinets will be opened and closed over and over again which makes it essential to pay for good quality cabinets, hinges, drawer runners, that are worth it in the long run.


Not Considering Enough Furniture/Appliance Space

This is one of the most complained about problems in a kitchen. With so many things to set up in the kitchen, do not forget to provide enough space for each furniture to allow easy movement. Same goes for your appliances, there must be adequate space for each item with enough powerpoints.


Selecting Wrong Kitchen Design

Avoid choosing a kitchen design that does not blend with the interiors of your house or could be old news in just awhile. Also, definitely avoid colours, accessories or furniture that do not go with your mood or hinders the functionality of your kitchen. This aspect is very important to consider as kitchens are not economical to redesign or renovate.

We hope you tackle all these problems and come up with a fantastic kitchen design for your house!


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