How does colour in your kitchen affect it?

How does colour in your kitchen affect it?

Colours, as we know them, play an important role in many human psychological aspects. They can calm or annoy your eyes, sway your thought process, or even suppress or incite your appetite. Color is a significant element for our kitchens not only because it’s what we see, but because color is known to have effects on our perceptions, personality and emotions. When we choose colors for our kitchen walls, cabinets, furniture and appliances, we’re subconsciously encouraging the alliance attached to those colors, which further affects our own notions and feelings.

Let’s see some colours and their effects on us!

White gives a serene, inviting look to your kitchen. The fresh vibe encourages mental health and promotes healthy eating habits. White is a colour of cleanliness and purity. Not only goes well with any other other, but also makes your kitchen look more spacious – supreme for a reason!

Get ‘red’y!

Red is a strong colour that depicts passion and love. Red colour on the kitchen walls or furniture grabs attention of your guests almost immediately. Red also boosts hunger. So, if you fall in the category of people who live to eat, it is certainly the colour for you!

Go Green

Green gives a fresh aura to your kitchen; makes you think of salads, vegetation, forests. Green colour can help you curb your appetite in a positive manner. It encourages you to ditch your hamburger for a while and give spinach and broccoli a chance. In case, you’re aiming to shed some pounds along with adopting a healthy lifestyle, go green!

Kitchen Blues

Blue denotes tranquility; makes you think about fresh lakes, waterfalls, clear skies. So relax, blue won’t give you any blues! Paint your kitchen blue if you aim to have a lifestyle which involves healthy and fresh eating habits. Do not use the colour if you think you get easily distracted and go on some serious daydreaming, because that’s what colour blue does!

Stay Grey

Some people might find it dull to paint their kitchen grey, but it definitely has some upside to it. Grey signifies neutrality and balance. If you’re looking for something not very vibrant but still classy, this is your colour!

Mild Orange/Yellow

Orange and yellow are happy colours. They give you ‘life is good – you know what, let’s have a pancake’ vibe. So, clearly not appropriate colours if you’re on some weight losing programme. If you have kids around, you can surely go for these colours.

Colors to Avoid in the Kitchen

According to interior design experts, purple, brown and black are poor choices. These colours seem to give a dull, gloomy atmosphere to the kitchen. But again, there are exceptions to every rule. Some people find these colours classy and sophisticated, it’s just a matter of taste and likes. Nevertheless, for the most part, painting your kitchen one of these colors will make you say, “nah, not working!”

We suggest choosing whichever colour feels right and goes with your vibe. You can always paint anew later!

Let us know in the comment section about your favourite colour for kitchens.


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