Summer Hacks

Summer Hacks

Summers are here and with it, it brings some of the most delightful seasonal fruits, merry times filled with children’s laughter and with it, its own kitchen challenges. From cooking in the gruelling heat, to fruits and veggies drying up sooner, and kids’ never-ending requests for treats, summer can be a tough time in the kitchen. Here are a few kitchen hacks and tips to help you in your modular kitchen during the summers.

Storing Fruits and Veggies:

Fruits often dry up soon in the summers. To keep them fresh and hydrated, here are a few things you can do :

Though it has a long shelf life, lemons dry sooner in the summers, making its juice concentrated and lose the freshness in its flavour. To avoid this, you can squeeze all your lemons while they’re fresh and store it in the fridge. This keeps its flavour intact.

Watermelon is one thing everyone waits for eagerly throughout the year. But finishing an entire watermelon can often seem like a task for most families. Sure the fruit can be chucked into the fridge, but the air forms a sticky layer on top of the fruit. To avoid this, you can wrap a cellophane paper on top of the fruit before you store it in the refridgerator. This helps you seal the fruit’s freshness.

To keep your green leafy veggies hydrated, you can place them in a glass filled up to half with water and leave them in a corner of your modular kitchen.

Fruits like Mango which don’t have a long shelf life can be pureed and stored in ice trays inside the freezer. These fruit cubes can be chucked into juices to avoid dilution of the juice, or can be crushed and relished as flavoured crushed ice.

Treats for Kids

 Modular kitchens might make life easier in the kitchen, but the kids’ requests for treats all day makes it a trying affair.

Fun salads can help you escape the kitchen heat. Here’s a simple, fun salad : Add cubes of watermelon in a bowl. Now to this bowl add mint leaves, simply torn. Add tiny cheese cubes to this mixture and toss to enjoy a fresh salad that will cool your kids.

Kulfi is a popular demand from kids during summer, and now you can make them in your modular kitchen. All you need is some heavy cream and pureed fruit, preferably mango. Boil the heavy and add in the pureed fruit. Mix well and pour it in the Kulfi moulds and put it in the freezer. If you don’t have kulfi moulds, you can use paper cups instead. Voila.

 These were some hacks to make your life in your modular kitchen easier this summer.

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