Parthiv and Himanee Jhaveri

Bodakdev, Ahmedabad

We installed a Häcker kitchen from Trident in 2019. The whole process of designing and installation was absolutely professional and on time! We have been using the kitchen for one year and are absolutely happy with it. No complaints at all and great value for money.

Sarika Gupta

Kalindi Colony, New Delhi

What stands out for me is that I was an active part of the process while finalising my Häcker kitchen. My favourite part of the kitchen is the blackboard since it became a way for the family to pen down thoughts and share food menus! Also, everything has a place in the kitchen, from the dishwasher, refrigerator to the storage cabinets, everything is organised. I was glad that the team took note of my love for plants and found a space for them. Since Häcker is made-to-order, I could choose colours, appliances and product customisations.

Abhishek Iyer

Sky City, Ahmedabad

I had the opportunity to know Häcker as a company very closely due to my personal friendship with Rahul Ghelani. I have known German companies and I know that they mean quality right from the word go. All I can say about the Häcker Ahmedabad team is that they are a team of go-getters. They are carrying the legacy of a 100-year-old company and they are doing it with pride and pure quality. I know it is not easy to sell quality when you have such tough competition but Häcker – Ahmedabad has a bright future in the hands of Rahul and his team as they are an example of quality.

Sushma Agrawal

Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi

I have been using a Häcker kitchen since October 2019 and I am very happy with it. I had seen my friends and family using Häcker kitchens and was impressed by the colours and the functionality. What also sets a Häcker kitchen apart from other kitchens is the service. For example, I had an issue with my dishwasher, and they came within a couple of hours and fixed it. My favourite part of the kitchen is the countertops since they are easy to clean and the oven. Häcker kitchen is one of the best options available for its quality, colours and functionality.

Sujata Mittal

Kalindi Colony, New Delhi

Working with Häcker has been a delightful experience. Right from the initial creative process of narrowing down the choices for colours, materials and styles, Ms Kanupriya and her team, have been patient, creative and helpful in narrowing options with hands-on visual representations. Among all the services availed from various vendors in the process of home building, Häcker has been the smoothest keeper of commitment and time. I’m very satisfied with the on-site follow up as well. I really am enjoying my kitchen with my children who are making the most of their culinary talents in these times.

Ashwini M Rao

Sanjaynagar, Bangalore

Working with Häcker has been a great experience. We were in the process of evaluating our options, but once we met the team, there was no doubt in our minds. Our requirement was for two kitchens – one absolutely new and one was a renovation. Despite the fact that renovating a kitchen is tricky, the team did a great job. From designs, execution to hand-over, everything was hands-on. In terms of material selection, I was given complete information to make the right decision. I have two little ones and the team took this into consideration while designing a kitchen that suited my needs.

Mrs. Bardhan


I have two Häcker kitchens, one in Delhi and the other is in Vadodra. I am extremely grateful to the team who made the process so simple for me. The kitchen is designed in such an intuitive way and the storage space is exceptional, especially for an Indian household. I am sure every Indian woman will love it. I got in touch with Häcker through an architect and the coordination was impressive. We opted for an island-type kitchen and both my husband and I love it. I would especially like to mention the basin and the new faucets that Häcker has used in my Vadodra house. It not only saves time but also saves water.

Venkat Remana and Poonam

Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

When we wanted to install a modular kitchen in our new flat, we decided to go with Häcker. It was a difficult choice but what made us choose Häcker besides price, German quality and style was the excellent team at Häcker, who could really understand our ideas, needs and translate them into a kitchen which was contemporary and functional. The kitchen arrived as per schedule but our flat was not ready. Häcker team kept the kitchen in safe storage for an year without any damage to the equipment due to its packing. The installation team was superb and had a clear understanding and detailing of the equipment installed which is very critical to the final look of the kitchen.