Worktops that work out

Worktops that work out

Worktops ought to be practical as well as modern. While you might be busy deciding the cabinets and floor tiles, do not forget to give deliberation to your countertop choice.

Here are few worktop options you need to know so that they work out for you!

  1. Hardwood Worktop

A sustainable hardwood like oak and walnut are always preferred over softwood like pine because of the strength. The look of the hard wood worktop can suit any kitchen style – contemporary, modern, mixed, customized. You can even use mixtures of worktops like glass and wood or stainless steel and wood to give a warm feel.

  1. Granite Worktop

Granite tends to give a luxurious look even to the modest kitchens. It is almost maintenance-free and available in nearly 3,000 different colours. Along with being strong and durable, it also adds real estate value to the house making them enough reasons for anyone to consider a granite countertop for the kitchen.

  1. Quartz Worktop

It is believed to be a better-performing alternative to granite and marble. Available in more colours than graphite, quartz material is also stain-free and scratch-free, making it best suitable for a house with kids. Quartz worktops look natural with supreme uniformity and no imperfections.

  1. Soapstone Worktop

These worktops are quite resistant to stain and can be seen in ancient homes. It was only recently that soapstone reemerged as an alternative to granite. They can be used both in countertops and sink materials giving a historic look to the kitchen.

  1. Glass Worktop

Glass worktops is mostly a favourite of the interior designers for its reflective sheen and the resistance towards heat, acid and water. It can be easily cleaned making it best suitable for the dining area with a beautiful, contemporary look.

  1. Solid-Surface Worktop

Suitable for mid-range kitchens and available in multiple colours and patterns.

Solid-surface worktops have now been around for 50 years and been a mimic to natural stone.

  1. Stainless Steel Worktop

Go for stainless steel if you’re fond of a really contemporary and industrial look. Two of the many pros are that they are easiest to clean among all the other countertops and they add real estate value as they are regarded as premium.

  1. Ceramic Tile Worktop

Ceramic tile is less expensive as compared to natural stone, solid-surface or quartz worktops. It is immune to heat, stain, water and is really affordable.

  1. Laminate Counters

The smooth plastic-coated synthetics are inexpensive and easy to maintain. Perfectly suitable for modest and not very ostentatious kitchens.

  1. Concrete Worktop

If your style is unique, concrete may be the right choice for you. Concrete worktops are highly polished, sometimes texturised with colours unlike the regular concrete slabs on the sidewalks. The color-tinted concrete tops provide a really unusual and sophisticated look.

Try out what works the best according to your budget and kitchen layout. Do let us know in the comment section about your preferences.


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