Design flaws that might affect the functionality of your modern kitchen

Design flaws that might affect the functionality of your modern kitchen

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Designing a kitchen is no longer what it used to be earlier. The kitchen design has now become dynamic; it has transformed to be the perfect combination of kitchen aesthetics and functionality. The modern kitchen looks smarter, and is more streamlined, but the kitchen design is more about functionality than it is about the aesthetics.


Getting the modern kitchen design right is trickier than you think. It is not only about getting the aesthetics right, it is about adding features that would ensure the kitchen space is functional as well. It might feel tempting to ape a lavish kitchen design that looks good on the pages, but when you actually implement the design it might not work for you.


There are some kitchen design flaws that you must be aware of. You can certainly be more in control, when you are aware of the flaws that could upset the kitchen efficiency. So, let’s learn what these are.


Modern Kitchen Design Flaws:


While discussing kitchen design flaws, one has to keep in mind the fact that it could vary. Sometimes it could be just one big flaw, or, sometimes it might be a number of flaws that affect the functionality. We have listed down some common flaws the presence of which usually impact the functionality of the kitchen.


Design flaw 1: Miscalculating the storage


When it comes to designing a kitchen the storage usually plays the most significant role. After all in your kitchen you not only cook food, but you also store spices, grocery, utensils, and other knickknacks. You also have smaller appliances which require storing in the kitchen. If every item is assigned a place of their own, then you can certainly hope that your kitchen will be a clutter-free space.


Just consider this, you have a luxury kitchen design in mind, but if you do not calculate your storage right you will end up with a cluttered kitchen which does not have an adequate amount of storage. Underestimating your storage is a flaw which you must take care of. From your spices to your dishwashing liquid, every single item must be on your list before you start planning your storage modules.



Design flaw 2: Not paying attention to ventilation


The second design flaw that affects the kitchen design is the lack of ventilation. If your kitchen is not ventilated enough, then it might affect the kitchen air. Lack of ventilation means the food items you cook throughout the day, the smell of them would fill your kitchen and the house. Things can certainly be much better, when you have a chimney in the kitchen. If a kitchen does not have a ventilation system in place, then the entire kitchen would be subjected to not just food smells, but also stains, dust, grease, food particles, and what not. Just explore the modular kitchen models, each comes complete with a kitchen chimney. Even if there are enough windows, and doors still you need to install a good kitchen chimney.



Design flaw 3: Not customizing it


A modern kitchen is a much smarter version than what we were used to. Now the kitchen is customized to suit the user’s unique needs. Having a kitchen that does not fit any of your needs, is going to be a big problem for you. When you have a kitchen that is built as per your specific needs will only make your work in the kitchen super easy. You can have the number and style of storage modules that you need, the ideal layout, and the positioning of the different elements in the kitchen is bound to impact the functionality of the kitchen.


The secret to a successful modern kitchen design is that it is built to ease the pressure. Picture yourself in the kitchen, prioritize your work schedule, and areas that you access the most. Include elements only if you need them. Having fewer elements or, more elements than you need is definitely going to spoil the functionality. Prioritize your need if you want a flawless kitchen design.



Design flaw 4: Having unnecessary elements



Most of the times the kitchen design follows a set path, users end up adding elements that are more of a burden than a necessity. Overhead cabinets are a standard feature of any modern kitchen, but if you find it difficult to reach into these cabinets to retrieve the items, then having them is completely pointless. Having an open shelf might be a smarter move for you after all. You can put the essential items on it, and accessing them would be easier.


Likewise while planning a luxury kitchen design, one could add an element like the kitchen island. A kitchen island can be a great addition to a kitchen, but only when you have the room for it. If only you have the need for an extra workstation, storage, and have the space to spare you can think of having an island. Having unnecessary items will only create clutter in the kitchen.


Design flaw 5: Not having ample lighting


A kitchen is a functional place, and while designing you must pay attention to the lighting scheme. Usually the kitchen lighting is mostly taken for granted, but a functional kitchen needs to be well-lit as well. The kitchen lighting cannot be taken for granted. Only having ambient lighting won’t do, you also need accent lighting, and most importantly task lighting. If you check out the latest modular kitchen models, you would see that each one is so well-lit. When you are busy preparing meals, or, when you are washing dishes in the sink, you will have an easier time carrying out these tasks if these areas are well-lit. If your kitchen contains entertainment zones, then you must consider lighting up these areas well.


Design flaw 6: Not having the work triangle


This point cannot be stressed enough; you just have to keep in mind that the work triangle basically helps you create a kitchen design that is absolutely conducive to creating a highly functional kitchen space. If you do not pay attention to the triangle in your modern kitchen design then that might hurt the kitchen functionality. The distance between the sink, hob, and the refrigerator has to be maintained in a way that you can move around freely. If the sink and the hob are positioned at the opposite ends of the kitchen or, are too far from each other then it might cause problems. You won’t be able to carry out the tasks as fast as you need to; furthermore, not keeping count of how many people are going to be working the kitchen is a mistake as well. If two cooks are going to be working in the kitchen, then having the adequate space on the countertop is essential, so is having access to a second work station.


Conclusion: The above mentioned kitchen design mistakes should be avoided if you want your modern kitchen to be functional. Go through these flaws; be aware of them, so that you can avoid them when you design your place.


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