How to keep your modern kitchen absolutely clean

How to keep your modern kitchen absolutely clean

How to keep your modern kitchen absolutely clean

The kitchen is undoubtedly that room in your house which gets messy because it happens to be a busy area. The cooking for the entire family is done several times a day in the kitchen; furthermore, now the kitchen has also doubled up as the entertainment zone, in the WFH phase we have also started using the kitchen as the place to work, kids are using it as their homework zone. Even if your kitchen is just going to be used for the purpose of meal preparation, it would still get messy with time. You might be implementing modular kitchen ideas soon, or, maybe you already have a beautiful, modern kitchen and you are wondering how to keep it clean, you should consider checking out these following tips.


Modern Kitchen Maintenance made easy: Here are the pointers to keep in mind


Here we have listed down some simple yet effective tips that would help you keep your modern kitchen absolutely clean. Let’s take a look at what these are-


Start with a list:


It might not sound like a conventional kitchen cleaning tip, but it is one of the most effective tips. In fact, if you can start by following this tip you will be sorted for life. Your kitchen will have many items ranging from utensils to spices to accessories. Kitchen is one place where you keep on adding more items as you go. You will have multiple items, and this will eventually lead to clutter because you will run out of storage to keep these items neatly arranged.


Create a list of the items that you must keep in the kitchen, and these should be the items that you cannot do without. Plan what should be kept where, the kitchen countertop should contain only a handful of items that are a must. If you have a modular kitchen then plan which items should be stored in the modular kitchen furniture. Taking the minimalist route would only help you be more sorted.


Do not work in a dirty kitchen:


It might sound like a no-brainer, but many users during the rush hours tend to ignore the mess and start working in the kitchen anyway. This approach is so wrong. When you start working in a dirty, messy kitchen you will end up working in a kitchen where you won’t find a single thing in place, and your tasks would be cumbersome. So, be wise and never ever start your kitchen chores in a dirty kitchen. It might take you half an hour to get your kitchen absolutely clean, but it will save you time and hassles later as you can start working in a clean kitchen. Taking these small steps would only help you keep your modern kitchen design in India squeaky clean.


Create segments:


It might feel like a lot of work, but give it a try and you would love the effect. Create a separate space forevery item, bunch similar items and designate a place for them. For example, if you have grocery items in the kitchen then you should create a pantry section. You need to keep these items there in clear jars and label them if necessary. This way you would know where to find your grains, and other items. Likewise, keep your big utensils in a big drawer or, cabinet, and keep your accessories neatly stacked in a shallow drawer and arrange them with the right organizer. You can take help of modular kitchen ideas for this. It is a great way to be organized and keep the kitchen clean.


Ventilation is important:


A clean kitchen must be well-ventilated. The greasy kitchen surfaces, dirty cabinet doors, and the presence of lingering odor of food and spices mean that your kitchen lacks proper ventilation. Before you come up with a modern kitchen design in India, you should make room for windows and doors in your kitchen so that there could be airflow. Furthermore, install a branded kitchen chimney over the cooktop, this is the easiest way to ensure that your kitchen air stays fresh, and your surfaces stay clean.


Cook and clean:


One easier tip to follow would be to clean your kitchen while you are cooking. Your dishes take time to cook, you wait for things to boil, simmer, and bake, so utilize this time to do small kitchen cleaning chores. For example, if you have just chopped some vegetables and put them on the stove to boil, clean your countertop in the meantime. Likewise, once you are done with a particular dish and you place it in the serving bowl, you should clean the cooktop and also the pan or, pot you just cooked in. You should also clean kitchen sink and tend to the dishwasher. If you have modular kitchen furniture in the kitchen, then wipe them clean and organize them as you go.


Deep cleaning is a must:


Up until now we have just talked about surface cleaning which is important and before you leave your kitchen you should clean the entire kitchen properly. However, your kitchen also needs a deep cleaning once in a while. If you have implemented modular kitchen ideas, then it should be an easy job for you. The modules are detachable so deep cleaning gets easier. However, once in a week or, two weeks you should empty all the cabinets and drawers, and clean the insides and the shelves too. This is definitely going to keep your kitchen absolutely clean for a long time.


Conclusion: These tips are easy to follow and are meant to help you keep your modern kitchen clean and organized. No matter what kind of kitchen you opt for, a modular one or, a regular one you should always make the right efforts to keep it clean. Remember a clean kitchen is a healthy kitchen!



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