Keep These Layouts in Mind Before Designing Your Modular Kitchen In Jaipur

Keep These Layouts in Mind Before Designing Your Modular Kitchen In Jaipur

Keep These Layouts in Mind Before Designing Your Modular Kitchen In Jaipur

The popularity of modular kitchens is definitely soaring pretty high, all across the country a rising percentage of home owners are eager to embrace the concept. Jaipur is a beautiful city that is rich in heritage, and has the unique blend of tradition and modernity. If you are planning on having a modular kitchen in Jaipur, you have taken the right step towards making your kitchen an efficient place.


Although any modular kitchen design is efficient, you should consider paying attention to details. From the color to the modules, you need to make sure that you are making the right decisions. Among these detailing, the layout plays the most important role as you need to come up with the perfect layout for your kitchen space. Different kitchen spaces demand different layouts, so, how do you select the right one for your modular kitchen? Here is a list of popular layouts that you should check out before you select one.


Modular kitchen layouts you should check out:


Here are some popular layouts that you must keep in mind before you visit the modular kitchen showroom to finalize yours.


The L-shaped kitchen layout:


If you have been wondering which layout to select then maybe you should consider exploring the L-shaped kitchen layout. If you are designing a small kitchen space or, even an open kitchen space, this layout will be just right. Things can be so much better for a kitchen where every inch especially the corner spaces need to be utilized. This particular layout comprises two kitchen counters which lay adjacent to each other. The modular kitchen cabinets would run through one side, and the other should be kept for the workstation.


This layout is compact, and helps you implement the golden triangle rule without any hassles; the area that is left in the middle allows the user to move around freely. This modular kitchen layout suits the open kitchen spaces the most, and it is a flexible layout. You can give your kitchen the shape it needs, and furthermore, you can also include other elements like an island with a second workstation if need be. However, for big kitchens this is not an ideal layout and not suitable for multiple cooks.


The U-shaped kitchen layout:


When it comes to a big and spacious kitchen you must consider exploring the U-shaped modular kitchen layout. This layout as the name suggests is expansive and is absolutely ideal for kitchens with multiple cooks. The U-shaped layout basically runs across three walls and the entire kitchen cabinetry, and other modules, countertop, and appliances are placed accordingly. Just like the parallel kitchen design, this allows the user to have plenty of storage as well as countertop space. If the kitchen has multiple cooks, then this layout permits the creation of two separate workstations, the kitchen work triangle too could be created. The best part about this layout is that you can easily have as many storage modules as you need, and as much countertop space you require.


This kitchen layout is not ideal for the small and medium spaces. Also implementing the work triangle rule can be tricky if you are not too careful.


The one-wall or, the straight-line kitchen layout:


One of the simplest and sleekest kitchen layouts would be the one-wall layout or, the straight-line kitchen layout. The name is self-explanatory enough, the layout covers only one wall of the kitchen space and the countertop and the storage modules would be arranged accordingly. It is needless to point out that the layout is ideal for small kitchens, so for a nuclear family living in an apartment might consider opting for it. This layout is pretty straight and it is absolutely compact, for the open kitchen spaces this layout would be ideal as well. This layout could be compact and at the same time, it could be flexible too. If you want to implement this modular kitchen design in your spacious home, you can make it as elaborate as you want. Furthermore, it leaves room for you to include a kitchen island. Movement around the kitchen space is going to be easy with this layout; it also leaves room for the implementation of the kitchen island.


The parallel shaped or, galley kitchen layout:


Another popular kitchen layout that has been winning hearts is undoubtedly the parallel kitchen layout, which is also known as the galley kitchen layout. This parallel kitchen design is definitely something that should be given consideration if you have a narrow and small kitchen space. The two kitchen units run parallel to each other covering two opposing walls. The best part of this design is that it allows you to customize your kitchen just the way you want. If you want to have a long and big kitchen countertop then you can have that, you can also keep the other side for maximizing your storage space. However, this layout could be a hassle if the space left in-between counters is too narrow. If the kitchen space is big enough then the space left between two counters can be absolutely perfect for two cooks.


The peninsula layout:


One of the layouts meant for the spacious kitchens is most definitely the peninsula layout. It is also meant for kitchen spaces which stay busy throughout the day serving a large family. This is basically an extension of the U-shaped layout. In this particular layout a counter is added and this can serve as the breakfast nook or, another workstation as well. This layout is ideal for multiple cooks, and this also allows the user to have as many modular kitchen cabinets as they need. It is no doubt an ideal layout and great space saving option if you do not want to include a kitchen island but want a second countertop.


The island kitchen layout:


Another popular layout whose images you must have come across in the magazines, is the island kitchen layout. It works best with the straight-line, or the L-shaped kitchen layout which has plenty of room in the middle to implement the kitchen island. This modular kitchen design works well for the open kitchen spaces as well. Depending upon your requirements you can either use the island for creating more storage space, or, for creating a separate workstation. You can also create a serving and entertainment zone with the island.


Conclusion: The above mentioned layouts are quite popular and each of them comes with unique features that make them ideal for different kitchen spaces. Explore each layout and consult your own kitchen needs to select the ideal layout.


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