Modern kitchen design hacks to make your life simpler

Modern kitchen design hacks to make your life simpler

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Life in the kitchen can be a smooth experience, or, it could be a battleground depending upon the way you have planned your kitchen. The kitchen is more than a place where you cook meals. A modern urban kitchen also turns into the entertainment hub, as the family gathers here, and even the guests occasionally stroll in and sit down to have a chat. Whether the kitchen is being planned for a joint family setting, or, a nuclear one, it must be upgraded in a way that it transforms into a place of comfort for all. The modular kitchen has become the preferable option, as it fulfills every requirement. However, we have some kitchen design hacks for you, which if implemented might make your life in the kitchen a lot easier. Let’s have a look at these hacks.


Modern kitchen design hacks you should try:


Include a kitchen island:

If you want your kitchen to have more space, some additional storage space, an extra workstation, or, may be some space to build additional cabinets then having a kitchen island is the way to go. You must have adequate space in the kitchen, to be able to implement this element. Although, in a small kitchen you can opt for the rolling island option which would not only be advantageous, but would also be highly convenient. If you just go through the latest modular kitchen designs, you would find that the kitchen island is trending.


Your kitchen island offers you some extra space to store the essentials. You can easily build some additional cabinets, some shelves underneath if you prefer. You can use these storage corners for storing those extra accessories, or, grocery items, or, may be utensils that you do not use on a regular basis. If you do not want to create a clutter on the countertop area, then you should consider using the surface as a separate workstation. You can have a sink there, you can chop vegetables, and even use your food processors there. Furthermore it will double up as the cozy dining nook as well, to accommodate guests, and your family.



A kitchen space should always be clean, if your kitchen does not have proper ventilation then the kitchen would never ever remain clean. You must have noticed that in the kitchen area, the surface of the cabinets get greasy, and dirt also starts piling up. Your kitchen never smells fresh, and every time you step into the kitchen the odor of the food lingers. The absence of the right ventilation system can hamper your kitchen, the oil, the smoke, food odors, dust everything stay trapped there. You need to install the right ventilation system whether you have a regular kitchen or, a modular kitchen. When you take care of the ventilation you can expect your kitchen air to remain pure and fresh, and the dirty, dust and airborne particles would no longer pollute the kitchen air. A well ventilated kitchen also keep the kitchen absolutely grease free, and there will be absolutely no odor lingering in the kitchen.


Light up:

Your task in the kitchen would become absolutely smooth and simple, if you ensure that your kitchen area is properly lit. There is one way to do it, and that is to mix different types of lighting. You might not realize this, but your kitchen area lighting needs to be bright enough to create a cheerful ambiance. If your luxury kitchen, remains dark and gloomy, you certainly wouldn’t enjoy it. So, you must plan well. You must include ambient lighting in the kitchen to ensure that the area is well lit. Include task lighting over the sink, over the countertop area so that when you work in those places you will have sufficient lighting. If dining area is also part of the kitchen, then hanging a pendant light makes sense.


Parallel or, straight-line layout:

Finding the right layout for your kitchen is essential, whether you want to settle for a modular kitchen or, a carpenter-made kitchen. There are different layouts out there that you can explore and experiment with, but for you the right decision would be to settle for one that allows you to efficiently implement the work triangle rule. Also, the layout must help you make the most of the area you have. The straight-line kitchen layout, and the parallel layout are perfect for any kitchen. You will have unobstructed access to the kitchen, the hob, and the refrigerator. Furthermore, you will have so much space in the middle that more than one cook can operate without any hassle. With a parallel layout you would be able to reserve just one side of the kitchen for storing your essentials, and ensure adequate countertop area is available.


Vertical solutions:

Your kitchen needs adequate storage modules, and there is nothing like the vertical storage solutions, that make working in the kitchen a breeze for you. No matter which layout you opt for you can always utilize the walls to build additional cabinets. Now if you have a luxury kitchen, then you can play with the cabinet design and incorporate latest trends and use expensive materials to add to the aesthetic appeal. For moderate budget, you can build cabinets and add floating shelves to ensure all your kitchen essentials are being adequately stored and organized. But do not be random with your approach, you should never ever consider building and adding some random cabinets here and there. Stick to your needs.


With that we have reached the conclusion here. Explore the above mentioned design hacks and implement as you please. These hacks are meant for making the kitchen space a healthy and efficient place for you and your family. If you have a bigger upgrade in mind, and want to implement the modular concept then explore the latest modular kitchen designs and get ready for a smart kitchen space.


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