Never make these modular kitchen design mistakes

Never make these modular kitchen design mistakes

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The kitchen design has been through so many trends and now it is the modular kitchen concept that is taking the world by storm. Although in the initial stages people had the misconception that a modular kitchen is a luxury and not merely a necessity that has changed with time. Now the modular kitchen concept is turning out to be a necessitynwhich most homeowners are eager to implement in their home. The modular kitchen design has been making the kitchen journey a smoother one for the home owners, from the storage to the high-end appliances which seamlessly fit into the sleek layout tailor-made for your necessities come with a modular kitchen. There are so many aspects of the modular kitchen that make it so desirable.


However, the functionality of the modular kitchen is dependent on the designing process, how well you design it is extremely vital. It is of utmost importance to be precise and keep certain mistakes from happening if you truly want your modular kitchen to be highly functional. It is best to learn about the mistakes beforehand, so that one can avoid making these errors while designing a kitchen.


Avoid these modular kitchen design mistakes:


Not taking the layout seriously:


When it comes to modular kitchen, the first and foremost element that you need to choose is the layout of your kitchen. You must consider exploring all possible layouts that are around and should choose yours accordingly keeping your kitchen space, and work triangle in mind. Approach only the top modular kitchen brands in India, as they will be able to offer you the best solutions. In order to maintain a smooth workflow you must ensure that your stove, sink, and the refrigerator is placed at a convenient distance from each other so that you can move around and carry out your work without any kind of obstruction. The positioning of each module must be suitable to your specific requirements. Do not fall for a layout because it looks good in the image; always think in terms of your space.


Not having a customization plan:


One of the biggest benefits that could be expected from the modular kitchen is the customized solutions. You get to customize your kitchen just the way you want to, whether you want a luxury kitchen, or, a minimalistic kitchen design you would certainly do much better with a modular kitchen. But not having a clear idea about the customization could be a big issue as you would end up with a shoddy design. If you are having overhead cabinets the style of the cabinet, as well as the height of the cabinets would matter. Likewise, you might not even need all the appliances and your storage modules too should be built according to your necessity as well as according to yourease of access. For example, if your kitchen is an open kitchen or, a small space then instead of bulky cabinets, installing a combination of deep and shallow drawers would be great. Not customizing would be such a big mistake.


Not paying attention to ventilation:


Ventilation is of utmost importance in any kitchen, be it a modular kitchen, or, a regular kitchen design. Without proper ventilation the kitchen is never going to be clean enough. Due to your regular chores in the kitchen, the surfaces would continue to attract oil, spices, food particles, and what not. Gradually the polished surfaces of your cabinets, and countertop would be covered in grime and that would become harder to clean and the kitchen would lose its sheen and most importantly it would be filled with food odour. So, be careful, if there is a window do not block it for the sake of modular kitchen design. Even a sleek design could be implemented without blocking your window and thus letting air flow into the kitchen. Also installing a kitchen chimney is a must.


Implementing every trend is not a necessity:


When you are planning a modular kitchen it is not possible to not feel tempted by the trends. The modular kitchen trends are hard to ignore, from the glossy dual-toned kitchens to the matte finish look, everything seems to entice. However, before implementing any trend it is best to judge whether you need that particular feature in your kitchen or, not. The glass cabinets might be interesting, but these may not be ideal for your kitchen, you might want to go completely handle-less. On the other hand the kitchen islands are a must for any luxury kitchen, but unless you have the space for it what is the point of even having one, as it would only block your path. But that does not mean you would not give any of the trends a consideration. Choose materials, appliances, modular kitchen accessories that you have use for, not just because it looks cool.


Not paying attention to the materials:


It would be a disaster if you do not pay attention to the materials for your countertop and also for your cabinets. Do your research on the materials available, it is best to stick to granite, marble as these materials are simply stunning to look at and at the same time, the materials are absolutely easy to maintain, not just that but these are also durable. Your kitchen countertop would be the messiest section of the kitchen and soyou should pick up a material that you can clean easily without any worries. Selection of the right materials would be the most significant part of your modular kitchen design. A misstep would lead you towards a disaster, you should stick to materials that are water resistant, and also which do not need to be handled too gently because in your everyday kitchen rush you won’t be able to handle everything delicately. So, settling for sturdy materials is important.


Keep these above mentioned pointers in mind before you sit down to design your kitchen. List down all your requirements and be practical about your approach, and once you finalize your design have a discussion with the top modular kitchen brands in India.



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