What Are The Top 10 Space-Saving Modular Kitchen Accessories For 2024? Find Out Here

What Are The Top 10 Space-Saving Modular Kitchen Accessories For 2024? Find Out Here

What Are The Top 10 Space-Saving Modular Kitchen Accessories For 2024? Find Out Here

Are you planning a small modular kitchen design? You must be looking for space saving modular kitchen design solutions that will optimize the available kitchen space.


Since you have a small kitchen space to work with, you require modular kitchen accessories that will help you keep everything organized and keep clutter away from the kitchen space.


In this guide, we will discuss 10 space saving modular kitchen accessories for 2024.


What are the 10 space-saving modular kitchen accessories for 2024?


  1. Cutlery organizers:


We will start with cutlery organizers, as these accessories are a must have for a modular kitchen of any size. Keeping the cutlery organized is a struggle every kitchen user is familiar with!


If you place the cutlery in the drawer, it will be a messed-up situation; every time you want to retrieve a spoon or a fork, you have to sort through a mix of items to do that and wasting time in the process.


With cutlery organizers your cutlery will remain sorted and in their designated places. These organizers come with separate compartments for keeping your spoons, tongs, forks, everything neatly organized. Now keep your cutlery organized and accessible with cutlery organizers.


  1. Pull-out pantry:


Keeping your grocery items sorted can be a struggle, right? A pantry unit can be a great boon for your kitchen, as it offers you the space to keep your grocery items organized. But do you have enough space in your small modular kitchen design to make room for a pantry?


You can solve this dilemma with a pull-out pantry.  A tall-unit can be installed behind the refrigerator, and will store plenty of items including your grocery, utensils, and even small appliances. These units take up less space but have plenty of compartments that allow you to keep things sorted.


  1. Spice racks:


The spice racks are another must-have item in your kitchen in India. You have plenty of spices to store in the kitchen, and making room for all the spice jars can be problematic. Furthermore, you have to keep these spices accessible as well; with spice racks you can solve this issue efficiently.


The spice racks would be a great addition to your luxury kitchen design and are extremely convenient. You can keep all your spice jars neatly sorted, and can access any specific spice anytime you need.


  1. Bottle pull-outs:


How do you store your bottles of sauces, oil containers? In a small modular kitchen design, you do not have much space available to create a separate cabinet for these bottles. Keeping them on the countertop would only lead to clutter.


The bottle pull-outs are convenient, as they are designed to fit into narrow spaces, and can be inserted between cabinets. This accessory can hold all your bottles, and the pull- out design allows you to access these bottles easily.


  1. Wicker baskets


If you have explored the latest modular kitchen designs, you must have come across the wicker baskets. These beautifully woven baskets add a rustic charm to your kitchen aesthetics. These baskets can hold items like fruits, even vegetables; if you want to store your onions, tomatoes, in an easy-to-access place, these baskets would allow you to store such items efficiently. Select basket size, and materials as per your preference.


  1. Corner carousel units:


In a small modular kitchen design, you cannot waste any space, but the corner areas usually get wasted because it is so difficult to retrieve items from the corner units. It is best to look for corner carousel units that can solve this problem.


The corner cabinets will efficiently optimize the corner areas, and the carousel units can help you store big utensils, and other items and access them easily. These units offer convenient storage and smoothly slides in and out to let you access the items.


  1. Rolling shutters:


The rolling shutters can be a smart addition to your snazzy modular kitchen design. This is a smart door system that allows you to access any item concealed behind the doors. The door can be rolled up to access an item and can be rolled down once you put it back after use. These allow you to keep the small items such as small appliances hidden in the kitchen.


  1. Under-sink accessories:


In a small kitchen, you should utilize every nook and cranny of the kitchen. Use the space available under the sink by installing under-the-sink-drawers. These are great for keeping the cleaning towels, and cleaning accessories, required for cleaning the sink area. You can also place a garbage bin here.


  1. Tandem box:


The tandem box is ideal for your small modular kitchen. It not only saves space, but also offers you the ideal space to store all your bulky kitchen utensils, and even your dinner plates. These are operated by a soft-closing system that makes these drawers more accessible.


  1. The detergent pull-out:


There are so many cleaning supplies that you need in the kitchen, that includes dish washing liquid, and cleaning materials for cleaning the countertop, cabinet surface. You also have to store scrubbers. The detergent pull-out allows you to keep all of these items together and accessible, saving you space.


Conclusion: All of these accessories are useful for saving space in a small modular kitchen. Customize your kitchen by investing in the best modular kitchen accessories.


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