Looking For Modular Kitchen Design Ideas For Small Kitchen Spaces? Explore Laser Brillant Crema

Looking For Modular Kitchen Design Ideas For Small Kitchen Spaces? Explore Laser Brillant Crema

Looking For Modular Kitchen Design Ideas For Small Kitchen Spaces Explore Laser Brillant Crema

At Hacker Kitchens, we love crafting modular kitchens that are trendy and highly functional. A modular kitchen design must be customized to suit the unique requirements of the user. Small kitchen places have unique challenges of their own, but innovative modular kitchen design ideas can successfully address these challenges.


Today, we will take a look at- Laser Brillant Crema – Magnolia; a mesmerizing modular kitchen design that is a perfect fit for a small kitchen space.


Let’s explore!


Laser Brillant Crema: A soothing small modular kitchen design


The modular kitchen model- Laser Brillant Crema – Magnolia, is a compact beautiful small modular kitchen design. Its soothing aesthetics emit a muted elegance that will complement a modern abode. This latest modular kitchen design is a perfect model for those looking for a minimalist kitchen with a subtle color palette.


Let’s delve into its elegant features.


An elegant color palette:


Small kitchen spaces require colors that will brighten up the space and make it appear spacious. The dominating color, ‘crema-magnolia’ has an understated elegance that not only opens up the kitchen space, but also emits a soothing vibe. The interplay of crema-magnolia with the light wood shade is charming. The combination is so calming, that you would love to walk into the kitchen every morning. The color of the kitchen furniture as a whole, along with the wall and floor color has contributed to creating a luxurious yet muted aesthetics. By allowing the natural light to filter in, this modular kitchen space has been transformed into a timeless kitchen design.

modular kitchen design ideas for small kitchen spaces?  Explore Laser Brillant Crema

The compact layout:


A layout plays the most crucial role in determining kitchen functionality. While designing a small modular kitchen, the layout selection must be carefully done. The modular kitchen model– Laser Brillant Crema – Magnolia showcases an L-shaped kitchen layout. This layout is versatile as it suits kitchens of all sizes; however, it is a perfect fit for a small kitchen design.


It is an open kitchen plan where areas merge; the L-shaped layout makes the kitchen accessible from different sides. In an open kitchen space, it enhances accessibility while streamlining the workflow.


 The kitchen design has followed the traditional theme as evident by the color theme and ornate cabinet style. The L-shaped layout lends the kitchen a timeless elegance that will defy any trend.


This layout has utilized the available space beautifully implementing the work triangle. The user can effortlessly move around the kitchen. The family and guests can also interact and move around the space without any obstruction.


 The island with the breakfast counter:


The most striking feature of this modular kitchen is the island that creates a compact yet efficient work zone in this small modular kitchen design. The island is the perfect addition to this kitchen; the surface can be used for meal preparation activities such as chopping vegetables, rolling out dough etc. There is a built-in hob that forms the cooking zone, and the sink on the other side makes the island perfect for the user. From meal preparation to cooking, every activity can be performed seamlessly.


The island has a small yet cozy breakfast counter, in the form of an extendable table. Add seats to start serving delicacies to your family and guests. This nook also serves as the perfect spot when you want to take a break from your culinary activities and enjoy a good book.



Functional & aesthetics storage:

No kitchen can be functional without adequate storage. This modular kitchen model- Laser Brillant Crema – Magnolia is free from any visual clutter, thanks to its compact cabinetry. In keeping with the classic elegance theme, the pull-out cabinets have sturdy handles that make it easier for the user to operate. The cabinets offer adequate storage, and their high-gloss doors enhance the style quotient. Towards one side of the island, there is a concealed cabinet with shelves that allow the users to store cups, cookbooks, and whatnot. It remains concealed yet accessible. Super convenient for users.

The other half of the L-shaped layout also has long cabinets and built-in appliances. The highly-functional open shelf on top makes clever use of the space allowing the user to display décor pieces or cookbooks. The concealed cabinets on the top are perfect for storing the dinner plates, and other knick-knacks. 


The complete set-up with beautiful pendant lights emits a calming vibe. This Hacker Kitchens model not only captures your heart, but also stays durable due to the scratch-resistant surface, scratch-resistant surfaces, and high-end materials that are the hallmarks of every Hacker Kitchens model.


Laser Brillant Crema – Magnolia is a beautiful small modular kitchen model from Hacker Kitchens. Visit a Hacker Kitchens showroom in your city and explore our latest modular kitchen models.


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