5 Reasons to Include A Kitchen Pantry in Your Small Modular Kitchen

5 Reasons to Include A Kitchen Pantry in Your Small Modular Kitchen

5 Reasons to Include A Kitchen Pantry in Your Small Modular Kitchen Design

Pantry units have become a popular element of latest modular kitchen designs lately, and one may come across beautiful kitchens with innovative pantry designs.


However, in a small modular kitchen design making room for a pantry may not seem possible. But a pantry unit can keep your kitchen organized.


Let’s explore the reasons why a pantry unit is a must in a small kitchen, and also how you should implement one.


Why should you include a kitchen pantry?


A kitchen pantry unit is a great place to store all your non-perishable items such as your grocery items, and even small appliances. The unit allows you to keep everything organized, and absolutely clutter-free. Now, let’s check out the reasons to include a pantry unit in your kitchen design.


5 reasons to include a kitchen pantry in your small modular kitchen:


  • Boosts functionality:


A kitchen pantry boosts the kitchen functionality. Organization plays a key role in keeping the kitchen highly functional. If your cabinets are overstuffed, that makes it difficult for you to retrieve specific items when in a hurry, and keeping everything in its place, you need to include a pantry unit.


Pantry unit offers the perfect opportunity for you to keep the items that you do not require every day in the pantry. This way you can use the other storage modules for storing everyday essentials.


  • Let you create zones:


Creating zones in the modular kitchen can enhance kitchen functionality and boost the workflow. If you have a pantry unit in the kitchen, you can create a storage zone for the non-perishable item and place it near the meal-prep zone to keep everything accessible. Having a storage zone will boost the work flow in the kitchen as well, and streamline activities.


  • Make room for the small appliances:


In a small modular kitchen design, making room for the small appliances can be a problem. Lining these up on the kitchen counter would only lead to clutter; if you put these appliances on the worktop, your meal preparation activities would get disrupted due to lack of space.


If you have a pantry unit in your modular kitchen, then you can designate a shelf to store all the small appliances. You can retrieve them whenever necessary. Your countertop would remain free from unnecessary clutter.


  • Enhances kitchen aesthetics:


The addition of a pantry unit not only solves the kitchen organization issue, but also enhances kitchen aesthetics. Since the pantry unit stores multiple items, the kitchen remains free from any visual clutter. Furthermore, a pantry unit is highly customizable, hence you can customize its style so that it syncs beautifully with your kitchen design. It can even be a focal point in your small luxury kitchen design.


  • Helps you keep track of supplies:


In your kitchen you have to keep track of the supplies. You must track which stock is running low, and which item does not need re-stocking for months. Having a pantry unit can help you keep all your non-perishable items in one place, and you can easily open your pantry unit and check on items before preparing your shopping list.


Now that you know how valuable this unit can be for your small modular kitchen design, let’s check out some pantry unit design tips.


How to design the right pantry unit? Explore these tips here:


  • Pick the right style:


There are different styles of pantry units around, exploring the latest modular kitchen designs can help you select the right style. Always remember, a small modular kitchen does not have a lot of space, hence, you have to select a compact style.


  • Customization is necessary:


When it comes to incorporating a pantry unit, do not forget to customize the unit’s design and features to ensure that it fits your kitchen style and also offers effortless functionality. If there is not much space available then you can opt for tall-units, or units with sliding doors.


  • Placement:


Place your pantry unit right next to your meal preparation area so that you can easily retrieve the items for cooking without wasting any time. You can also put it next to your refrigerator or behind your refrigerator, if you are installing a tall-unit.




A pantry unit can redefine a small modular kitchen design; whether you are planning a new kitchen or want to renovate your old kitchen in India, you should include a pantry unit.


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