3 Popular Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

3 Popular Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

3 Popular Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

In a contemporary urban setting, how does it feel to have a kitchen which lacks the sleek minimalistic, and chic design which the rest of the house boasts of? The modular kitchen design has been winning hearts and for a valid reason. The modern elegant kitchen designs that the modular kitchen manufacturers have brought to the fore are worth every penny one invests in them.


If you are feeling tempted by the trend already and can’t wait to be a proud and satisfied owner of the modular kitchen, go ahead and explore the options available. But before you rush to the nearest modular kitchen store, you must have some prior notions regarding what kind of design should you be getting for your modular kitchen. Here’s discussing three popular modular kitchen design ideas that are trending.


3 modular kitchen design ideas you must try out:


Here we will be discussing the 3 trending designs, but there are other options beyond these that you must explore before zeroing on one. No matter how tempted you feel, you must weigh the pros and cons of each design, and keep in mind the amount of space you have. Taking a realistic approach is the key to finding the right modular kitchen design.  Now let’s dive into the popular styles.


  1. The island modular kitchen: Yes, you are familiar with the island layout already, having seen plenty of pretty images of high-end kitchen designs each of which featured a stylish kitchen island. Now, this particular modular kitchen layout demands space, so having a bigger kitchen will play to your advantage as there would be opportunities to be creative with the island style and ways to increase its functionality.


    When you have an island, you have an extra workstation, extra storage, and whatnot. You can turn it into a parallel workstation by adding a sink, and also cabinets for storage. The surface could be used for food preparation, you can also wash and chop vegetables here if you have the sink. The best part is you can turn it into a mini dining table by adding chairs. You can also place your food processors and appliances here. Again your specific needs and space would be playing the deciding role. Approach the best brand for modular kitchens and explore the options they have.


  2. The L-Shaped modular kitchen: Our next stop is the kitchen design that is shaped like the alphabet- L. Again we need to keep the amount of space available, as this particular layout works well for a kitchen that is a bit smaller but has a high storage requirement. This modular kitchen design can truly help you make the most of the available space which should work well if you have a tiny kitchen. This being compact in design, will not waste any space and will allow you to separate the workstation and storage area in a way that would enhance the functionality of the kitchen, and from food preparation to washing, carrying out every task would be a breeze. The design plays out across two adjacent walls, this leaves plenty of room for you to move around freely while working. The shape is ideal for a small kitchen as it does not constrict, instead, it opens up space while allowing you to take care of your kitchen activities in an organized way. The workstation and storage join forces to leave room for your movement.


  3. The parallel modular kitchen: The last on this list but not the least, is the parallel kitchen layout. Again a great solution for homeowners who have a small or, to be precise narrow kitchen space. The most amazing thing about this kitchen design is the fact that you can completely separate the storage and workstation. Both the platforms would be placed on the opposite side of each other leaving room between. This is done to allow you to be more organized and keep things neat. Two distinctly separate areas allow you to expand the capacity and efficiency of each independent unit. It is a fuss-free design that fits a small kitchen space snugly.


There remains other modular kitchen layouts that are equally intriguing and not to mention efficient. Before you approach your modular kitchen dealer, do your research and also make a list of your specific requirements. Having clarity can help you find the perfect kitchen layout that you will love.





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