How To Choose The Right Modular Kitchen Design?

How To Choose The Right Modular Kitchen Design?

How To Choose The Right Modular Kitchen Design?

The modular kitchen has been in vogue for over a decade now, and with time we are seeing a transition taking place on a big scale. No longer people are interested in pursuing a design which is all about aesthetics, with cabinets, shelves representing the same dated concept. The urban crowd needs a kitchen design which is sleek and modern in style and is loaded with advanced features which are meant for enhancing the utility of the kitchen. No wonder, home owners now turn to the branded modular kitchen, when they want to build their first time kitchen or, think of a remodel. Are you too ready to join this brigade? If your answer is a resounding yes, then you are on the right path. But before your set off on your journey you need to have some clarity about the right design.


What is the right modular kitchen design?


What is right for someone, might not be the right choice for you. There must be no aping of style or, concept, you might have been to a house recently which boasts of a luxury modular kitchen, and ever since you set your eyes on it you are drooling to get your hands on that design, but that design might not be right for your place. Here are some pointers you need to find the right modular kitchen design for you.


    • You must be very clear about your work triangle which comprises your sink, stove and refrigerator. So, measure the area carefully and plan the layout which would not put any obstruction in your path. If it is not in an ideal position right now you need to incorporate the necessary changes in your modular kitchen plan. The sink might not be moved around but the other two elements could easily be adjusted.


    • You are going to invest a lump sum amount, you need the best product. Keeping this in mind approach the best modular kitchen company in your city. For example, if you are in Chennai explore the top modular kitchen dealers in Chennai, and settle for the best. Do you research, go through reviews and ratings, never compromise on quality. This is going to be the investment of a lifetime, so look for the best.


    • The modular kitchen unlike your regular kitchen is going to be expensive and exclusive, tailor-made to suit your needs. However, the kitchen design must be sturdy enough as well, so you should learn which materials would be durable, sturdy and would be easy to clean. Explore options, take expert advice and figure out the right material for your kitchen.


    • Your storage requirement would come next, what you want to store and how? The answers to these questions would play the dominant role in your kitchen design. You would need shelves and cabinets customized to suit your requirements. You might also settle for a separate pantry section, be specific about it. Not having sufficient storage can mess up the design.


    • How much space do you have? Is your kitchen space big enough to house a kitchen island? If so, then how do you plan to use it? Does your plumbing system allow you to integrate a sink in the island design. May be your space is small and you would need an L shaped kitchen, or, may be a parallel kitchen shape would be ideal if your kitchen space is narrow and long. Weigh the pros and cons of each shape to figure this crucial point out before running to the store.


  • Lighting and ventilation would be the other considerations here. Poor lighting would ruin your kitchen, but flooding your kitchen with light won’t work either if your work station does not get illuminated properly. So, get recessed lighting but also pair it with the task lighting to create a balance. Installing proper ventilation system would be necessary if you want your kitchen to remain spic and span.


Ponder well on these pointers before you rush to the store. Finding the right modular kitchen design is surprisingly easy, just ask yourself the right questions and the answers will hold the key to the perfect modular kitchen design.





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