5 Unique Features Hacker Modular Kitchens Can Boast of

5 Unique Features Hacker Modular Kitchens Can Boast of

5 Unique Features Hacker Modular Kitchens Can Boast of

Hacker Kitchens, the German modular kitchen brand, is appreciated and trusted globally. Our luxury kitchens are popular all over the world for their unmatched functionality, robust quality, and high-end designs powered by superior German engineering. Our modular kitchens are built with the finest materials and state-of-the-art technology.


As a renowned modular kitchen brand, we also understand our social responsibility; we are the first luxury modular kitchen brand that offers a complete carbon-neutral product portfolio.


We craft luxury eco-friendly kitchen designs that are safe for the plant and for your family as well.


Every Hacker Kitchen is exclusively designed with care and precision and boasts unique features. Let’s take a look at some of these unique features here.


Hacker modular kitchens: What are the features to look for?


Ecofriendly kitchen:


Hacker Kitchens is a sustainable, carbon-neutral company. Our efforts have been recognized, and we have won an official award. Sustainability runs at the core of our operations; as a sustainable kitchen brand, we craft eco-friendly kitchens. We aim to promote eco-friendly practices while reducing any negative impact on the environment.


At Hacker Kitchens, we only use wooden materials that have been certified for low formaldehyde to ensure that your kitchen is safe from toxic emissions. Our modular kitchens are practically free from cancer-causing emissions as they are made with PURemission technology.


We say no to foam blocks and polystyrene sheets; we use environmentally friendly materials for load securing.


Easy maintenance:


Kitchen maintenance is hard work, right? You will never have to worry about kitchen maintenance when you have a Hacker luxury kitchen. Every Hacker modular kitchen design can boast of PerfectSense cabinets and countertop surfaces with anti-fingerprint features. Smudges on the smooth cabinet or countertop surfaces can ruin the look, and these are also hard to clean.


But with our anti-fingerprint surfaces, you no longer have to worry. Furthermore, these surfaces are also stain-proof and water-proof, which makes them perfect for a busy kitchen. Even after a day of extensive cooking with spices, gravy, water, and multiple spills, your luxury contemporary kitchen design will stay clean and stain-free.





Hacker modular kitchens are renowned for their strength and durability. If you are looking for the latest premium modular kitchen designs that promise longevity, then Hacker Kitchens has the perfect product for you. We use only the finest materials and employ state-of-the-art German engineering to craft our kitchens.



After years of use, your Hacker modular kitchen will remain as good as new. The secret lies in the PUResist, a sophisticated edge-bonding technology that we use at Hacker Kitchen.


A kitchen will be subjected to moisture, steam, and heat every single day. However, continuous exposure to moisture can be detrimental to the kitchen. It damages the kitchen surfaces, but Hacker modular kitchens are completely tropicalized due to the PUResist technology that we employ. It safeguards your kitchen from moisture, heat, and humidity!


Fully customized modular kitchen designs:


Hacker Kitchens knows that each kitchen has a unique demand and usage pattern, which is why we customize each modular kitchen design to meet our customers’ exact needs. We ensure that each modular kitchen design gets easily integrated into the user’s lifestyle and work rhythm. Our design process starts by listening to the customers’ needs and unique preferences; such sessions are vital as our designers can grasp the finer details. We create a representation of the client’s vision using our in-house software; only when the client approves the final design do we send it to our production unit in Germany.


A clutter-free, functional kitchen:


A luxury kitchen must be functional and free from clutter. At Hacker Kitchens, we understand the significance of creating a clutter-free kitchen design. We help you create a functional kitchen design by offering unique tools. Keep your modular kitchen drawers organized with our horizontal and vertical dividers. No matter how many items you store in the drawer, they will stay in place.


Separation sticks are another handy tool that helps store miscellaneous items in a drawer without them clashing with each other. Also, run an intelligent waste system in your modular kitchen with our pull-out waste system. We keep on researching to provide innovative kitchen solutions.


Hacker Kitchens offers unique luxury contemporary kitchen designs that are the ideal combination of utility and immaculate design. We are committed to providing only the best modular kitchen designs. Bring your vision to reality with us. Visit our modular kitchen showroom in your city.


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