Explore These Kitchen Island Styles Before You Get One For Your Modular Kitchen

Explore These Kitchen Island Styles Before You Get One For Your Modular Kitchen

Explore These Kitchen Island Styles Before You Get One For Your Modular Kitchen

A modular kitchen is a popular choice among modern home owners looking for a functional kitchen design. One of the unique benefits of a modular kitchen is that it can be customized as per the user requirement, and any element could be incorporated into the modular kitchen design. It would be interesting to note that many homeowners are now keen on exploring the kitchen island, as it is a versatile element that can enhance the kitchen aesthetics as well as the kitchen functionality. But there are a number of styles available when it comes to a kitchen island. So which style should you choose? Here’s a guide that you should explore.


Check out kitchen island styles for your modular kitchen:


Before we start exploring the available kitchen island styles, you must decide whether you need a portable island, or, a fixed kitchen island. Once you are clear about that and also about your purpose of getting one, you will be able to select the right kitchen island style. So let’s explore these styles here-


The circular kitchen island:


The name is suggestive enough for us to understand what the island would be shaped like, it is a circular, or, semi-circular island that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. This island style could be ideal if you are planning on using it for serving purposes, and you can make seating arrangements too without any kind of hassle. But for a small modular kitchen design, it might not be an ideal choice though as it takes up a lot of space. It might also be possible to create a work zone in the island with proper planning, and you can choose to use one of the sides to install a sink and create a meal-prep zone.  The other side could be used for serving purposes.


The U-shaped kitchen island:


This kitchen island style would be ideal for a latest modular kitchen design. Along with having a stunning design, this intimidating kitchen island style would be a perfect fit for a spacious kitchen. The U-shaped kitchen island would be the ideal element in your kitchen that would enhance the kitchen functionality. You can use this island for creating your second work station, and also for installing storage modules if you want some extra storage space. However, this island can be a valuable addition to your kitchen only if you have the space and the need for it. Before installing this island, make sure that you do have the need for it; while positioning the island in your modular kitchen design do your calculations to ensure that your pathway is not getting blocked.


The double-tiered kitchen island:


One more kitchen island style that you must consider for your modular kitchen would be the double-tiered kitchen island. This island performs both the function of a work station and also a serving platform. You can use the lower tier to create your very own cooking zone, and the upper tier might be there for the purpose of creating your ideal serving platform. Make the right seating arrangement and this island would be perfect for serving your family and even guests. It can be a perfect addition to your latest modular kitchen design, especially if you have an open kitchen layout. However, this might not be ideal for a galley kitchen layout, or, a U-shaped layout, so pay attention to your kitchen layout before you settle for this one.


The rolling cart island:


This kitchen island is the one that will fit any small modular kitchen design like a glove and would be absolutely perfect. This is a portable kitchen island that is perfect for small kitchens, because you do not have to find a specific space for it, you can easily move it around wherever you require it. However, that does not mean this particular island does not serve any purpose; on the contrary this island is perfect for carrying out specific kitchen work, like meal preparation. This island style is also ideal for storing small items, but what makes it a smart choice for a modular kitchen design is that it does not obstruct any particular spot in the kitchen and could be shifted anywhere according to your need.


Conclusion: The above mentioned kitchen island styles are ideal options for a modular kitchen, but before you invest in them be clear about its purpose, and the overall space available in your kitchen.


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