How To Upgrade Your Old Indian Kitchen Design In A Couple Of Easy Steps?

How To Upgrade Your Old Indian Kitchen Design In A Couple Of Easy Steps?

How To Upgrade Your Old Indian Kitchen Design In A Couple Of Easy Steps

The kitchen is that one place in your house that needs to be functional, and it is always the room that has to withstand a lot. The kitchen is also that room in the house that is most likely to get renovated. However, it is needless to point out that a renovation project would not be cheap and is going to be costly. But one can spruce up the kitchen even without renovating it, and give it a new dimension. Here are some easy to follow steps that would help you upgrade your old Indian kitchen design in no time. Let’s have a look.


Steps to upgrade your old Indian kitchen design:


Work on your cabinets:


The cabinets are the most used modules in your kitchen, and are the first to start looking dated. However, replacing the cabinets would not be possible, as that would be a costly affair. But repainting the cabinets would be a smarter idea, you can get it done by a professional or, you can also get it done yourself. You have to choose the colors carefully though, so that you can jazz up the kitchen. You can also opt for white or, neutral shades; apply at least two coats of paint to check the effect. You can also opt for metallic finish for your cabinets to create a luxury kitchen.


Create open spaces:


If there are many overhead cabinets with closed doors, it might look jaded after a while. It would be a good idea to open up your vertical space by transforming these cabinets. You can remove the doors and put them in order in the cabinets to create a nice display, it will also help you access the items faster. You can also install some floating shelves in the kitchen to store knickknacks, cookbooks, and even small plants. You will find plethora of options as far as floating shelves are concerned; just keep the color scheme and the theme of your kitchen in mind and choose shelves that would fit nicely. These floating shelves are now an integral part of the modern kitchen design.


Add an island:


This step is optional, and it could be added if there is space available in your kitchen. An island even a small one could give your Indian kitchen design a new dimension. Explore the island styles and select one that fits your kitchen space and also upgrades it in terms of style. This island could be used as the second work station, or, just for enhancing the visual appeal. A kitchen island can also serve as your second storage zone, as you can add drawers and cabinets to upgrade it.


Change the lighting scheme:


Your current lighting scheme might need an upgrade, and it is needless to point out that a kitchen space must be well-lit to make the kitchen a brighter place. You should add some track lighting, pendant lighting that would immediately brighten up the space; you should also install task lighting above the countertop, above the kitchen sink, even under the cabinets, to make your kitchen work smoother. With the right lighting scheme you can create a luxury kitchen.


 Add modular kitchen accessories:


This is a step that would not only make your kitchen space more functional, but will add a new dimension to it. Add a tall-unit to ensure that your grocery items are being stored in an organized way. On the other hand the corner cabinet accessories such as the carousel units will take care of the corner cabinet, drawer storage requirements. The modern kitchen design now has accessories like the bottle pull-outs, organizers that make the kitchen highly functional and you do not have to worry about mess.


Change the appliances and the sink:


If possible then invest in new appliances that will upgrade your old Indian kitchen design in a jiffy. Only opt for those appliances that make sense. You should invest in the smart appliances that are energy saving, and also change the sink, and the faucet; install one that has a modern design. Keep the overall theme of the kitchen in mind, before you install anything. Do not get appliances that you are not going to use.


Conclusion:These above mentioned steps are easy to follow and these would transform your old Indian kitchen design in no time. However, keep the specific requirements of your kitchen before you upgrade.


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