Kitchen Lighting Guide For Designing An Ideal Modern Kitchen

Kitchen Lighting Guide For Designing An Ideal Modern Kitchen


Kitchen design is never an easy task, there are so many elements to take care of to get it right. While designing a modern kitchen, storage, aesthetics, appliances, layout such elements are always prioritized. The kitchen lighting is equally an important aspect of the kitchen design that should be taken care of to make the kitchen functional. Gone are the days when a single light source was considered adequate for lighting up a kitchen. Now the modern kitchen in India must have the right lighting sources, so that every corner of the kitchen is illuminated and there is no shadow in the kitchen. Here’s a kitchen lighting guide that you must check out.


Kitchen lighting guide for a modern kitchen design:


Learn about different kitchen lighting fixtures:


The kitchen users now implement not just one, but a mixture of different lighting fixtures in the kitchen to illuminate every bit of the kitchen. Therefore, your modern kitchen or, readymade modular kitchen needs to have different layers of lighting. Some must have lighting fixtures are-


  • Task lights

  • Cabinet lights

  • Ambient lights

  • Accent lights

  • Decorative lights


These are some basic lighting requirements in the kitchen, now depending upon your specific kitchen requirement these lights need to be used.   Explore modern kitchen designs and check out how each of the kitchen models has used lighting. Also find out about the different kitchen lighting fixtures.


Do not ignore task and cabinet lighting:


The Indian kitchen design must be functional, and having the right kitchen lights placed at the right position will be even more significant. The areas where you perform tasks such as the countertop, the sink, the kitchen peninsula or, the kitchen island, should be well lit. You can install the strip lights under overhead cabinet and your countertop area will be bright enough for you to do meal prep tasks without any hassle. If you have an island, or pantry in the kitchen then you have to install the right light fixtures to light up these areas. You can also opt for inbuilt lights inside the cabinets to locate items easily.


Experiment with options and be innovative:


There are a number of kitchen lighting fixtures around, and you should explore them all before you select any for your modern kitchen in India. You have to choose the fixtures that will go nicely with your kitchen theme. If you have a traditional themed kitchen, the lighting fixtures for the kitchen should go along with it. Decorative lighting is an option, but if you are going to invest in a decorative lighting then look for statement pieces. If you have any artwork or, decorative pieces on your kitchen walls then you must place a light to illuminate these pieces. On the other hand, if you have a completely white kitchen then you can add pops of color with colorful pendant lighting fixtures. Also do not forget to check out different shapes the lighting fixtures come in these days. These funky shapes can change the whole look of your kitchen.


Be smart and choose energy efficient options:


You must be practical while choosing the kitchen lighting scheme. Do not opt for lights that are not required, for example, if you have a small kitchen there is no need for you to install a chandelier or, such decorative lights. Also opt for energy efficient options for your readymade modular kitchen. It will keep your pocket happy, and these lights also last longer. Furthermore, you can also look for smart light options that are now trending. Use a dimmer switch to keep the light glare under control, and change the brightness as per your specific requirements. The modern motion-sensors should also be incorporated to add that smart touch to your kitchen lighting.


Keep your requirement in mind:


Your kitchen lighting scheme should serve your kitchen needs; since every kitchen is different the lighting schemes should also change according to that. Therefore, for your Indian kitchen design you have to keep certain factors in mind, such as the height and the placement of the kitchen lights. If you have overhead cabinets and you want to install under-cabinet lighting, make sure you measure the height right. If the light is too high up, it will not serve any purpose. Therefore, pay attention to that. Also choose the placement of the lights carefully. The ambient and accent lighting fixtures should be placed strategically so that the kitchen objects, as well as the kitchen area itself stays illuminated. If you are installing pendant lights for the kitchen island, then make sure the height is not too low or, too high. Especially if the island is also your serving area then the pendant light placement must be so that the surface gets illuminated properly, without any glare.


Conclusion: This guide has touched upon some fundamental rules of kitchen lighting that should be kept in mind while designing the lighting scheme for your modern kitchen in India. Talk to the professionals if need be, to avoid making any mistake while selecting the lighting fixtures.





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