Are You Aware Of These Kitchen Cabinet Styles? Check These Out Before Designing Yours

Are You Aware Of These Kitchen Cabinet Styles? Check These Out Before Designing Yours

Are You Aware Of These Kitchen Cabinet Styles Check These Out Before Designing Yours

The kitchen cabinets are the most trusted and efficient kitchen storage modules. Kitchen cabinets house not only spices, but also grocery items, accessories, utensils, and even small appliances. However, the kitchen cabinets come in different styles, and it is important to choose the right cabinet styles so that one can design the right cabinets. There are number cabinet styles available and you should explore these different kitchen cabinets in India, so that you can choose the right cabinet style for your kitchen. Check out what these are here.


Explore these cabinet styles for your modern kitchen:


The shaker cabinet style:


The shaker cabinet style is popular as this is an ideal choice for kitchens that have a traditional theme dominating the whole kitchen design. The shaker cabinet style is definitely the most efficient kitchen cabinet style that is simplistic in style. These cabinets are traditional in style and come with a flat panel door, these wood cabinets can hold multiple items. The colors white, gray are the popular color choices for these shaker style cabinets and you can opt for metallic cabinet hardware to create a classy effect. These suit even the modern kitchen style.  These cabinets will go well with Indian kitchen ideas, if you are planning a modern kitchen now you can give these cabinets a thought and include latest cabinet accessories to give it a modern twist.


 Contemporary cabinets:


The contemporary cabinets are the most popular in trend now due to their sleek and streamlined appearance. Be it a modular kitchen design or, a modern kitchen design these cabinets will be the ideal choice. One of the striking features of this cabinet style is that it does not come with any hardware, these hardware free look immediately lends a smooth streamlined look to the cabinets.  Apart from the absence of hardware, these cabinets do not have any form of ornamentation either. The contemporary cabinets suit any modern kitchen space especially the ones that are intended to be minimalistic in approach.  These cabinets might be available in metals, and even manufactured wood form, there are other material choices available too. Before opting for these cabinets explore the material options available. The kitchen cabinets offer more storage space than the other cabinet styles, and can be efficient for small modular or, modern kitchen spaces as they do not take up a lot of space.


 The glass front cabinet style:


The glass front cabinets are quite common and these do add a little glamour quotient to the kitchen aesthetics. The kitchen cabinets in India are not always about storage, there are some precious items that need to be showcased as well. Therefore, one should build cabinets that allow them to display their glassware, their finest crockery, or, some other items that are worth displaying. These glass front cabinets can be ideal for the items that you want to showcase in your kitchen. You can experiment with this cabinet style, you can have backlit cabinets to illuminate your items. It will also add a luxurious touch to the kitchen design. Choose the height of these cabinets carefully.  These cabinets are ideal for locating and accessing items.


 The slab style cabinet:


Another popular cabinet style that can be ideal for your modular kitchen design and your modern kitchen design is the slab style cabinet. This particular style is ideal for any modern themed, contemporary kitchen and is absolutely low-maintenance.  The slab style cabinet comes with flat panels that fit in seamlessly with the kitchen design. The color choices can vary from the white, black, charcoal gray to other options. These cabinet designs can be customized to suit different requirements of the kitchen user. These cabinet styles are ideal for Indian kitchen ideas that veer towards the contemporary style. Like other kitchen cabinet styles, for this particular style too you should select the materials according to your budget and preference.


These cabinet styles discussed above are the most popular kitchen cabinet styles. There remain other kitchen cabinet styles as well; you should explore different kitchen cabinets in India, and choose the one that suits your kitchen space right. However, choose cabinet materials carefully because of the fact that the kitchen cabinets must be sturdy and should be durable. These cabinets should be easy to clean as well, so start doing your research and plan the right kitchen cabinets.


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