Modern Kitchen Design: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Modern Kitchen Design: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Modern Kitchen Design 5 Mistakes To Avoid

A well-designed modern kitchen not only is easier on the eyes but also highly convenient as well. Unlike the traditional kitchen the modern elegant kitchen designs are more focused on creating a space that has smart storage solutions, sleek workstation, and a overall minimalistic approach. The transition from the traditional kitchen design can be a relief if only you get the concept right.


Whether you want to plan your modern kitchen yourself  or may be want to approach the best brand for modular kitchen, you need to understand that the efficiency of the kitchen design would solely depend on how well you plan every section of the kitchen, keeping specific requirements in mind.  Feeling confused? Let us help you here by pointing out the planning mistakes you must avoid to ensure your kitchen design is flawless.


Never make these 5 modern kitchen design mistakes:


    1. Miscalculate your storage requirements: Storage is an essential aspect of any kitchen design, be it traditional or, modern. It is not only the grocery we are talking about but, also the utensils, your kitchen accessories , spices and what not. If you do not estimate properly your storage area, you would end up with less storage space and as a result your cabinets would be crammed with items and this way you will find it difficult to locate the items that you need during rush hours and this will eventually lead to clutter.


Have sufficient number of cabinets, shelves and racks to store your essentials. Try to be innovative with your storage solutions, a well-planned branded modular kitchen will come with hanging racks, drawers, everything tailor-made to fit your needs.


    1. Poor lighting: A kitchen is the area which is full of hustle and bustle all day long. This is the place where you have to do multi-tasking, prepare food hygienically for your family. So, it must be well-lit, while planning make sure that there is room for natural light during the day. It would make such a big difference to the whole setting. As far as lighting fixtures are concerned, you should rather opt for pendant lighting, more so especially if your kitchen area also includes dining. Also consider inclusion of task lighting for your work station which would make it so much easier for you to work efficiently. Another smart idea would be to install under cabinet lights.


    1. Not having a pantry: In a modern kitchen, often times no one gives the pantry a second thought and ends up stocking the grocery essentials in the cabinets. Now how much space can you allot to the cabinets, do not forget that you would be stashing extra utensils, kitchen accessories and spices in the cabinets too. How many cabinets are you planning on having?  Separating the items that quintessentially belongs to the pantry from the rest of the stuff makes sense. So, build a separate pantry and store your grocery, it will smoothen the work flow and your space will remain organized.


    1. Not having enough Ventilation: A kitchen must be well ventilated, the place is full of smoke, heat, oil, odor, and whatnot.  The dirt, dust would be trapped in the kitchen air and would start accumulating on the surfaces, as a result your countertop, your cabinets would get dirty. The oil and the steam also contribute to the damage and gradually you notice that your kitchen is getting dirtier and the surfaces are getting stickier, the kitchen would be an uncomfortable place to work as well. A kitchen must be free from all sorts of impurities, which is why you must consider installing a good ventilation system which would keep all these issues in check. Look for options that are not noisy.


  1. Ignoring the work triangle: The work triangle in a kitchen is a vital area, and you should consider coming up with a kitchen design which follows the golden rule. Not having a proper understanding of the work triangle is bound to hamper your work flow in the kitchen. The kitchen triangle comprises the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove. You should consider placing these elements in a kitchen layout in a manner that allow you to enhance the functionality of your kitchen. When these crucial points are misplaced or, when there are some obstructions it gets difficult to access these areas during rush hours. So, if there is any such inconvenience, you must consider removing those bits.


Now this discussion has hopefully cleared your ideas and you are now aware of the mistakes that you must avoid making to make your kitchen a convenient place. Be careful and take professional help when designing your kitchen.



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