4 signs your Indian kitchen needs an upgrade

4 signs your Indian kitchen needs an upgrade

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A kitchen must be orderly enough for you to run everyday errands without glitches. Whether you are a bachelor, or, have a small family, or, just a couple, having a well organized and efficient kitchen is a big requirement. However, with time our requirements change and the old kitchen too gets outdated in terms of functionality and aesthetics.


Here are 4 telltale signs that a kitchen is in desperate need of an upgrade and perhaps it is a good idea to give your old kitchen some modular twists.


How to know if your Indian kitchen needs an upgrade?


  1. Insufficient storage space: This is undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons to initiate changes. A kitchen must have adequate number of cabinets, drawers, pantry section to keep things sorted. A kitchen space whether it is meant for a couple or, a big family will always be filled with numerous items. From grocery to kitchen accessories, new additions would continue to make their way in, you need room for these items until you are ready to throw away their old counterparts.


Furthermore, in a busy kitchen you should always be able to access every item easily, this can be only possible when there would be space enough for methodically storing all objects. If your current kitchen space does not allow that, it is time you start exploring the latest modular kitchen designs that come loaded with smart storage solutions.



  1. Dated design: Functionality is of utmost importance but that does not mean you would overlook the aesthetics. Your current kitchen is probably a creation of the local carpenter and lacks the latest features and innovative design. After years of usage the kitchen space would eventually start to lose its appeal and end up looking jaded. Now, the modular kitchen concept has become so widely popular that it is impossible for you to miss it. A quick look at those sleek designs and smart features would tell you it is time to step out of that old kitchen space and move on.


  1. The flawed layout: You might not have realized it when you had first walked into the kitchen, but eventually as you started cooking in the kitchen the reality gradually sunk in. Your kitchen layout has loopholes which need fixing. There are areas which are simply getting wasted because your carpenter did not have the expertise to utilize those spaces. Anyone who has ever cooked in a kitchen knows the significance of having unobstructed access to the core areas, the sink, refrigerator and stove. Also not having sufficient countertop area might make your meal preparation a tiresome and irritating process as you have to constantly shift items to make room. Why waste time and energy in such an inefficient place? Upgrade to a modular kitchen, where your kitchen layout would be customized to suit your preference.



  1. The maintenance cost is high: Usually a carpenter made regular kitchen would not be as high quality as you initially thought it would be. Apart from the dated design, there might be recurring costs involved, as you would need to fix cabinets or, other elements from time to time. The cabinet doors might start making creaking noises, and there might be other issues. Since quality is not assured, you might need to replace something or, get extensive repair work done. Despite making considerable investment in it, you are regretting the design as well. So, wake up and start planning an upgrade.


If you have noticed the above mentioned signs in your kitchen, then stop procrastinating and start planning an upgrade. But this time around do not plan a simple renovation which would burn a hole in your pocket, without making any significant improvement. Be smarter and visit a modular kitchen dealer to finally get the ideal kitchen space.


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