What Are The Pros And Cons of Having A Kitchen Island in Your Modular Kitchen!

What Are The Pros And Cons of Having A Kitchen Island in Your Modular Kitchen!

What Are The Pros And Cons of Having A Kitchen Island in Your Modular Kitchen

The modular kitchen concept has caught on the fancy of the modern home owners, and this beautiful and highly functional kitchen design is in high demand. The modular kitchen comes in many attractive styles, and this has a unique aspect to it which is customization. A modular kitchen can be customized according to the fancy of the user, and one can add different elements to it. A kitchen island would be one such an element that is often added to the modular kitchen design because of the aesthetics and functionality purpose.


The kitchen island not only upgrades the kitchen interior but it also solves so many kitchen problems, in fact it doubles up as the second workstation. The kitchen island can be an ideal addition to your kitchen, but it might not be ideal for every kitchen. There are both pros and cons of having a kitchen island, let’s learn now what these are.


Pros and cons of having a kitchen island:

Let us begin by discussing the pros of having a kitchen island.

The island could be your second workstation: In a busy kitchen that caters to a big family without much space there is definitely a need for a second workstation. If there is more than one cook in the kitchen then having two different work stations definitely matters. It would be so easy if you include a kitchen island in your kitchen and create a second workstation.  The island if planned well could turn into your second workstation; you could install a sink, and create a simple countertop on the surface and install a hob. It would easily transform into a work station. Talk to a modular kitchen manufacturers in Mumbai and learn about the cost of having an island.


You get additional storage space: There is no denying the fact that having adequate storage space in the kitchen is a big necessity. If your current modules are not able to store all your requirements then you must consider, creating an additional storage space in your kitchen island. You can either create additional storage space for your essentials, or, grocery, or, even for that crockery that you usually reserve for the guests. The island would offer you the perfect place to store your important items without any hassle. The kitchen island will solve the storage issues, and could also help you create a luxury kitchen design.


A place for the kitchen appliances:


One of the pros of having a kitchen island in your modular kitchen design would be making a place for your kitchen appliances. You can use the surface of the island for putting your small appliances such as the microwave, the blenders. You can also make room for the dishwasher, the oven, and even the pull-out trash using the island. This will certainly help you create the right space for your appliances in the kitchen without making it look absolutely messy.


It enhances the aesthetic appeal: The kitchen island is no doubt a great element for enhancing the aesthetic appeal. The addition of the island to the kitchen would be absolutely perfect because the kitchen island comes in a diverse range of styles. If you choose an island from the options available according to your kitchen theme then you can be sure of creating a beautiful luxury kitchen design. However, if you are selecting an island solely for the aesthetic purposes then you should make it the focal point and invest in a luxurious one.


The cons:


Now that we have covered all the pros or, the advantages of the kitchen island let’s move on to some of the cons that also come with it.


It might ruin the work triangle: The kitchen island no matter for which purpose is being invested in would be quite big in size. If your kitchen is not planned in the right manner then it would only disrupt the space you have. The island might even interrupt the work triangle in the kitchen and affect the kitchen functionality this way. It is best to ensure that your kitchen triangle, your work flow is not getting obstructed due to the placement of the kitchen island.


It is not ideal for every kitchen: Another con that you have to be aware of is that it is not ideal for all kitchen spaces. Your modular kitchen design must be spacious and it would be better if it is an open kitchen, this way the placement of the kitchen island would be absolutely ideal. In a small, enclosed space the island would be absolutely wrong, it would block the pathway and the work in the kitchen would be disrupted.


The kitchen island would add additional cost: The addition of a kitchen island will increase your kitchen design cost. If you are planning on installing a kitchen island and want to install a kitchen sink, a hob, then you need a bigger island and even if you are just going to use it for the serving purposes, still the finish, material need to be absolutely flawless and durable and that would definitely be costly. Your modular kitchen manufacturers in Mumbai would be able to guide you in this regard.


Conclusion: The above mentioned set of pros and cons both should be studied and kept in mind, if you are planning on installing an island in the modular kitchen. A kitchen island could be an invaluable addition to your kitchen, but you must have the genuine need for this island otherwise it would be a hindrance.


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