Here’s Why Top Architects In India Think Haecker Kitchens Is The Best Modular Kitchen Brand To Work With

Here’s Why Top Architects In India Think Haecker Kitchens Is The Best Modular Kitchen Brand To Work With

Here's Why Top Architects In India Think Haecker Kitchens Is The Best Modular Kitchen Brand To Work With

Haecker Kitchens, the renowned luxury German kitchen brand has been creating state-of-the-art luxury modular kitchen design for Indian kitchen spaces for years. Haecker combines German engineering, innovation, and timeless designs, to create tailor-made modular kitchen. Along with offering bespoke designs, Haecker Kitchens manufactures topicalized kitchens made especially for the Indian climate.


Ever since its arrival, the brand has become a popular choice for not just homeowners, but the architects also. Over the years we have associated with different architecture firms led by talented architects. The bonding only strengthened with time as we continued to collaborate on countless projects to satisfy the clients offering the best design for modular kitchen.


The architects prefer working with us as they think Haecker Kitchens is the best modular kitchen brand to work with. Recently we got talking to top architects we have worked with to learn why they prefer the brand.


Here’s what they have to say about Haecker Kitchens:


Best modular kitchen brand in India: The architects speak


Architect Shaheen Mistry:


Architect Shaheen Mistry is the brain behind Shahen Mistry Architects in Mumbai. He and his dedicated team handle high-end luxury residential and commercial projects.



His firm has been working with Haecker Kitchens for almost 5-7 years and he has been impressed with the level of professionalism the brand offers.


A modular kitchen design process is anything but simple, as “there is a lot of to and fro between the client and the designers and the teams”, he appreciated the organized approach of the Haecker team, and the flexibility they brought to the process of design and execution.


The architect further elaborates kitchen being the most utilized space in the house, some issues may arise along the way. But he has always been impressed with the after-sales service that Haecker provides.


He sums up by saying that Haecker is like a family, as the team takes care of the needs in the best possible way.


Architect Ravinder Singh Dhanoa: 


Architect Ravinder Singh Dhanoa’s association with Haecker Kitchens has been long. In the 7 long years that he has worked with Haecker kitchens, he has been impressed with the way the brand works.


To him, Haecker Kitchens stands for “Innovation”, “Smart Designs” and ‘Backup Support”.


As an architect, he appreciates the design variety that Haecker Kitchens has to offer to its clients.


One more aspect of the brand that has won his heart is the technical support that Haecker Kitchens offers. This seasoned architect confirms he has found it to be the best in the market.


Architect Sachin Goregaokar:  


This Mumbai architect, a partner with GA Designs has been catering to the cosmopolitan architecture and luxury interior segments in the city.



The product by itself is absolutely fantastic”. Along with product quality, he also appreciates the after-sales service the brand provides.


Designing a small kitchen in an apartment can be challenging, but brainstorming the apt solutions has always been easy with Haecker.


In his long association with Haecker Kitchens, he has been impressed with the tailor-made solutions the brand provides. He further appreciates how the Haecker team always remains open to accommodate design changes until it reaches the desired perfection.


For a complete solution, he will always recommend Haecker.


Architect Paresh Kapade:


Architect Paresh Kapade with his wife Shital Kapade has been leading their Indore-based firm Environmental Design Consultants to success for the last 23 years.


Designing architecture for the cleanest city in the country has its challenges. The stress has always been on designing environment-friendly high-end residential projects.



He has been working with Haecker Kitchens for 7 years and he has always loved the quality and the finish Haecker provides.


As an architect, he strives to provide a design solution where the client feels completely satisfied and has no complaints about a product or service. And for him “ Haecekr fulfills all the dots”.


He finds Haecker products to be “extraordinary” and he marvels at how precisely the Haecker kitchens are made.


Like the previous architects on our list, he likes the service part the most.


Architect Ronak Singhvi


The Jaipur-based architect has been associated with Haecker Kitchens for the last 4 years. He prioritizes kitchen functionality, brainstorms robust kitchen designs, and prefers Haecker Kitchens for its robust modular kitchen design solutions.



Along with aesthetics, functionality, comfort, Haecker promise smooth integration and seamless services in every city. He further elaborates that with Haecker, the relationship transcends the barrier of a vendor and client relationship, and it feels like a “family working together”.


These architects are impressed with the premium quality of the product, design variety, and tailor-made solutions, but it’s the after-sales service that we provide has been appreciated the most. As a brand, we prioritize our customers and innovate to provide robust modular kitchen design solutions that last.


Whether it is the architects we are partnering with or the homeowners we are serving, we always remain available to provide after-sales support and address any concerns that may arise. A Haecker, we are committed to providing only the best design for modular kitchen for Indian kitchen spaces.



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