Can German Kitchen Designs Sync With Indian Kitchen Spaces? Here’s A True #Myhäckerstory Taral & Nikita Shah

Can German Kitchen Designs Sync With Indian Kitchen Spaces? Here’s A True #Myhäckerstory Taral & Nikita Shah

Can German Kitchen Designs Sync With Indian Kitchen Spaces

Häcker Kitchens is a German kitchen brand that has been catering to the Indian luxury modular kitchen market for more than 19 years. Our brand has been delivering beautiful modular kitchens crafted with cutting-edge German engineering. We deliver innovative designs, unmatched functionality, and exclusive tailor-made designs to homeowners across the world.


But can German kitchen design sync with Indian kitchen spaces? Indian kitchen design has its distinct needs; is it possible to deliver a modular kitchen design that will meet all the requirements?


Let’s meet Taral & Nikita Shah, the proud owners of a Haecker kitchen in this edition of #MyHäckerStory, and learn how Haecker helped them find the perfect kitchen.


#MyHäckerStory: The perfect modular kitchen design is possible!


Mr. Taral Shah & his wife Nikita Shah are a busy couple managing their real estate business. When they moved into their new home they were looking to build the ideal kitchen. Here’s what they have to say about their Haecker journey.



What were their expectations?


To the Shah family, a kitchen transcends the concept of it being a place for cooking meals; it is more of an intimate, and interactive space for them. It is a place where the family assembles, cooks, and enjoys food together before setting off for the day.


As Nikita emphasizes – the kitchen is the place where they spend a happy time with the family. To Nikita, the kitchen is the most important part of the home, as it is where the important meals are cooked for the family and enjoyed together. Indian kitchen spaces celebrate meal times as a bonding time with family.


Nikita stresses that a kitchen is directly related to health, good food cooked in the kitchen provides the energy that one needs for the day. So the kitchen has to be perfect.



Why did they select Haecker?


Nitin shares the story of their earlier kitchen in their previous home which was a carpenter-made version. They had to face many issues with that kitchen, and when they moved into their new space they did not want to compromise with quality and wanted to settle for the best luxury modular kitchen brand in the market.


They were looking for a robust kitchen that promises quality, and Haecker was an obvious choice. Taral quips-“ Even though it’s a German kitchen, but they are quite Indian friendly kitchen.”



The selection process:


The couple knew what they wanted and they visited the Haecker kitchens showroom. Nikita was impressed by the finishes, materials, and quality of the modular kitchen models she explored in the showroom. It convinced her and she knew in her heart that her new kitchen was going to be a Haecker kitchen. 8 years later she still stands by her decision and affirms she enjoys every bit of the kitchen. They are happy with the way their kitchen has been designed for them.


The kitchen aesthetics:


The couple went for a timeless combination of soft white and grey that even after all these years still shines through. The elegance of these timeless hues lends warmth to the intimate kitchen space that they have always wanted.


The decision to settle for these colors was driven by the fact that both are neutral tones that are not defined by any trend. Even after 10-15 years down the line these colors will not lose their appeal and will still stay relevant. They chose not to experiment with colors and refrained from trying out bright tones. Many of our customers prefer to opt for natural tones, and earthy hues to lend that timeless appeal to their modular kitchen design.


At Haecker, we offer a plethora of options to the customers so that they can take their pick. We have collections in classic, modern, and contemporary ranges that cater to diverse tastes.


The final verdict: 


Even after 8 long years, their Haecker Kitchen looks as elegant as it did when they first stepped into the kitchen. As Taral Shah puts it, life has become convenient with a Haecker kitchen around, and it made his wife very happy.


For Nikita, the “ joy moment” is when during parties the friends step into the kitchen and they love the modular kitchen design. She adds that many people have installed a Haecker kitchen because she recommended the brand. She strongly recommends Haecker Kitchens to all.


When life permits to build a second kitchen, it should always be a Haecker kitchenthat’s how Nikita summed up her Haecker experience.


It always makes us happy to see the customers trusting us with their choice and the fact that we can customize as per their needs. As a luxury modular kitchen brand we always strive to better the customer experience as we understand that the kitchen is the heart of a home, and we ensure that it becomes the favorite place in the home for the family. Visit a Haecker Kitchens showroom near you and explore modular kitchen models.


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