This Modular Kitchen In Jaipur Is A Heady Fusion Of Style And Convenience: Check Out This #Myhäckerstory

This Modular Kitchen In Jaipur Is A Heady Fusion Of Style And Convenience: Check Out This #Myhäckerstory

Modular Kitchen In Jaipur

Häcker Kitchens is one of the most loved luxury modular kitchen brands in India. Starting our journey in the early 2000s, we have come a long way and our journey so far has been colorful. We have a presence in major Indian cities; we have successfully served customers across these cities and crafted the most stunning modular kitchen designs for customers over the years.


When we meet our customers we make an effort to understand their requirements to provide a meticulously designed kitchen that fits their space like a glove.


In the course of our journey, we have won many hearts, and in this segment #MyHäckerStory, we will feature our happy customers; they will narrate why they chose Haecker in the first place, and how their experience has been with the brand.


In this blog, we will travel to the beautiful city of Jaipur, where our customers Deepak & Manjula Bang will narrate their Häcker story.


#MyHäckerStory: Modular kitchen in Jaipur: 


Deepak & Manjula Bang welcomed us into their beautiful abode in their hometown Jaipur and led us to the stunning Häcker kitchen. As we got chatting over the tea that Mrs. Bang prepared in the kitchen, they took us through their journey of getting introduced to the Häcker kitchen.




Why did they zero in on Haecker Kitchens?


When the couple decided to install a modular kitchen in Jaipur, they conducted a thorough research process. The couple is well-traveled and they have been staying overseas for years. They have lived in different countries and, as Mrs. Bang puts it, she has used different varieties of kitchens, but according to her – Haecker is the best.


As they decided to settle in Jaipur and design their kitchen they consulted with their interior designer. They were shown different kitchens in India, Mr. Deepak Bang conducted his own research and explored the Haecker India website to learn about the brand.  He consulted his interior designer, and also relied on his own research on Haecker,  to come to a final decision that Haecker Kitchens is the best option.


The kitchen aesthetics:


The couple settled for the Classic: Laser Soft: Pearl Grey Lacquer Laminate Ultra Matt model from Haecker. The kitchen is an elegant combination of white and grey. Mr. Deepak Bang wanted this specific combination in his kitchen; as during their stay overseas, he had found this dual toned look to be an appealing combination in a modular kitchen design.


They have used recessed lighting in this dual-toned kitchen; the modular kitchen design is seamless as they opted for handleless drawers. The upper cabinets are in white and they exude a soft charm and warmth.


What do they think about the kitchen functionality?


Haecker Kitchens, one of the best luxury modular kitchen brands in India is known for its innovative designs. Haecker Kitchens are functional, convenient, and tailor-made to enhance the efficiency of kitchen operations.



Mrs. Bang agrees, and she elaborates that her favorite part of the kitchen is the –spoon drawer, the utensils drawer, and of course the Masala box! She pulls out drawers to show how well the utensils are arranged in the drawer. One of the drawers contained colorful containers, all neatly arranged and easy to locate.


She finds the storage to be comfortable and “very convenient”, as she can access every item without having to move around her modular kitchen in Jaipur.


What did they love about the brand?


Mr. Deepak Bang was pleasantly surprised with the after-sales service that Haecker provided. Although overseas he had been met with great after-sales service, he didn’t expect such service in India. As he puts it- it takes just one call, and within hours a person is sent to attend to their concern.


They also loved how well the Haecker team in Jaipur helped them find the ideal modular kitchen design tailor-made for their needs.


Mrs. Bang loves the compliments she receives  every time she has guests in the home. The guests love the kitchen!


The couple has found the perfect kitchen they have been looking for, and they are happy about every aspect of it.


With that, we come to the end of this #MyHäckerStory. The blog includes a video that showcases their beautiful dual-toned Haecker kitchen. In this series, we will continue to introduce you to our happy customers and their perfect kitchen story. Stay tuned and explore Haecker Kitchens, the trusted luxury modular kitchen brand in India.



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