How To Create Adequate Storage Space In Your Small Modular Kitchen?

How To Create Adequate Storage Space In Your Small Modular Kitchen?

How To Create Adequate Storage Space In Your Small Modular Kitchen

A kitchen despite its size should be a convenient place to work in. However, when you have the space crunch in your kitchen due to it being a tiny place you might have to deal with many obstacles. In such a situation opting for the modular concept is a smart decision, as a modular kitchen design will take care of the space crunch issue by utilizing the space available. Since in a kitchen a multitude of items are stored, one needs to make adequate storage space in there to keep everything in place. Here are some ideas that will help in creating adequate storage space in a small modular kitchen.


Tips to create adequate storage space in your small modular kitchen:


Opt for the open kitchen concept and add an island:


A small kitchen will look smaller if it is enclosed, it would be a smarter idea to open up your kitchen. In other words you might consider giving the open kitchen plan a thought, in your open kitchen you can play with many ideas regarding storage. One such an idea is to add a double-tiered kitchen island. The design for modular kitchen can take a compact shape with the L-shaped layout and this way you can also use your corner spaces too. Install corner cabinets with carousel units and store your pots and pans there. The kitchen island will serve as your additional storage space where you can design cabinets, make room for smaller appliances and thus you can solve issues.


Add shelves in the kitchen:


Usually in a modular kitchen, the storage modules like cabinets and drawers would be sufficient. However, when it comes to a small kitchen you cannot stuff the kitchen with base cabinets and make it look cramped. You should consider opting for additional options like adding the shelves. The inclusion of the open shelves would be absolutely perfect for your storage needs; you can add as many shelves in the kitchen as you want to. The open shelves are absolutely brilliant and they also enhance the kitchen aesthetics. These shelves are the better options than the overhead cabinets because of the fact that these are more flexible in terms of storage; two or, more open shelves could be installed to store your spice jars, plates, and also your crockery.  You can also add floating shelves strategically to say goodbye to your storage owes. You can add one over the sink, and put all the cleaning supplies there. You can also add one over the countertop and put those spice jars that you regularly use. This way the jars would be more accessible. While exploring the modular kitchen cost in Mumbai, learn about the additional cost of installing these shelves.


Opt for the modular kitchen accessories:


The modular kitchen accessories would be the problem solvers in your small modular kitchen. To begin with you can easily opt for the accessories for your design for modular kitchen like the carousel units, bottle pull-outs, tall-units which could be ideal for making room for your items in the kitchen. The tall-units especially would help you make room for storage and you can put many items there and since these units do not take up much space you can easily opt for them. These units basically slide in and out, and these have separate sections where different items could be stored and organized without creating any kind of clutter. The bottle pull-outs too offer you the same solution. However, to make your small modular kitchen design efficient, you should only include accessories that you need. No need to include every accessory you come across.


Offbeat ideas can work wonders:


When you are designing your small modular kitchen you should definitely consider opting for some offbeat ideas. One such an idea is turning your backsplash into storage by opting for a pegboard backsplash. This allows you to hang accessories, knives, chopping board from the backsplash without cluttering the drawers. Likewise, you should also opt for the built-in appliances as this will open up the kitchen space for creating storage space for other items, while learning about the modular kitchen cost in Mumbai, you should learn about the additional cost of implementing such offbeat ideas. If you do not want to include a big island, then you should try out another option like a rolling cart island. This will be ideal as you can create space for the items you need to store and at the same time this will not block your space because of the fact that you can move it around the kitchen.


Conclusion: These ideas are absolutely perfect for creating adequate storage space in the small modular kitchen. You can implement these ideas to make your small modular kitchen design absolutely organized and clutter-free. Always approach the best modular kitchen brand to get the best value for money.


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