Easy kitchen maintenance tips to keep your modern Indian kitchen in good condition

Easy kitchen maintenance tips to keep your modern Indian kitchen in good condition

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The Indian kitchen concept is no longer what it used to be, the traditional kitchen has made way for a modern Indian kitchen which is a more streamlined version and highly efficient. The modern kitchen in India, is more than just a place to cook and store your groceries, it has all the features required for making your kitchen a highly functional place. From smart kitchen accessories to latest cabinet, drawer designs now adorn the modern kitchen space along with high-end kitchen appliances. However, the sleek modern kitchen would soon lose its shine if you do not take care of it. The kitchen maintenance is necessary for your kitchen’s well being, here are some kitchen maintenance tips that might be useful for all.


Kitchen maintenance tips for a modern Indian kitchen:


Keep everything organized:


One of the easiest and simplest kitchen maintenance tips for anybody to follow is to keep everything in your kitchen organized and in its place. Clutter can be the biggest obstacle in your way of keeping your kitchen in good condition. You must consider exploring kitchen organizers available in the market, along with other storage options like the wicker baskets, to keep things in their places. Whether it is an old kitchen or, a brand new one, you should study your kitchen and make a list of items that you need so that you can easily identify the ones that you do not need. Remove these unnecessary objects from the kitchen to make sure that the kitchen retains only the essentials. The Indian kitchen ideas are now more focused on being absolutely clutter-free.


Install a kitchen chimney:


You have to ensure that your kitchen is well ventilated. Since the kitchen is full of steam, oil, heat, spice particles, you must consider keeping the air absolutely clean, and fresh with proper ventilation. In the absence of that, the oil would be trapped on the cabinet surfaces and on the countertop surfaces as well, as a result the countertop and cabinet would be full of grime and oily residue. Gradually the cabinet surfaces would lose sheen and cleaning would become a tougher job. With a kitchen chimney you can easily take care of this and make sure that the kitchen air remains absolutely fresh and the surfaces remain clean. If you want to install a modular kitchen in Delhi, then you must include the chimney in your appliances list.


Cleaning should be a regular habit:


When it comes to keeping your kitchen area clean, you should follow a cleaning routine. Cleaning should never be a sporadic task, if you skip a day or, days then the dirt, oil, food spills everything will start accumulating on the surfaces making the cleaning job tougher the next day. You should also never cook in a dirty kitchen. Remember that your kitchen area needs to be hygienic, so, when you start cooking for the day ensure, that from your cooktop to sink every things is dirt-free and sparkling clean. Every single day, once your tasks get over in the kitchen you should consider cleaning every inch in the kitchen. This way your kitchen will remain clean and hygienic and you do not have to put in too much effort as well.


Do not let the spills sit:


One of the biggest issues that the modern kitchen in India, suffers from is cleaning those tough spots that stain the surfaces. You have to scrub hard to get these off. You can easily solve this issue, just by paying attention to spills in the kitchen. Every time there is a spice or, oil spill, or, curry spill grab a kitchen towel soak it in the water and wipe it clean. If there is stain then use lukewarm water mixed with mild dishwashing liquid and use soft kitchen towels to gently wipe it clean. Do not use materials that can harm the surface of the countertop, or, cabinets.


The sink must be taken care of:


In your kitchen the sink plays a crucial role, this is where you wash vegetables, dishes. Now the kitchen sink should not be taken for granted and should be cleaned on a regular basis as well. The Indian kitchen ideas mostly revolve round the stainless steel when it comes to selecting a sink, now to ensure that it does not get stained and dirty you must keep it clean. Also keep in mind that when we clean the utensils, the tiny food particles, gravy might get stuck and cause odour later. So, be careful with that and clean your sink every day, after washing vegetables or, dishes check if any food particle is stuck in the plughole, if there is something then take that out. After your dish washing is done, run clean water once to ensure the water washes away every residue.


Reserve a day for special cleaning:


With regular cleaning you can certainly keep the stains and the odour away, but to keep the entire kitchen clean you have to make some extra efforts. Your cabinets, drawers, everything needs cleaning. If you have a modular kitchen in Delhi, then you should take out the cabinets and drawers and go for a deep cleaning, the nooks and crannies must be cleaned to keep these free from any kind of dirt or, dust. Even in a carpenter-made kitchen you should clean the cabinets and other areas to keep these dirt free. Furthermore, the racks where you store your sauces and spices should be cleaned thoroughly as there could be spills. Every week or, every two weeks reserve a day to clean the entire kitchen.


The above mentioned tips are meant for helping in keeping a modern kitchen in India absolutely clean. Your kitchen needs your attention and effort to remain functional and hygienic for years to come. While planning a kitchen or, remodeling a kitchen you should choose materials that are easy to clean.


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