Modern luxury kitchen design rules you should follow

Modern luxury kitchen design rules you should follow

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Having a luxury kitchen that has stunning aesthetics and cutting-edge features is a cherished dream of homeowners. A modern kitchen must be meticulously planned, and should not be taken for granted at all. Gone are the days when a kitchen design would be carelessly planned and executed, now the modern kitchen has moved from just being a place where cooking is done, it has gradually transformed into a place which also doubles up as the dining area, and also an entertainment zone. The concept regarding the storage, layout has also changed to a great extent; designing a luxury kitchen is not an easy task, but it does not have to be intimidating as well. A modern kitchen design can be flamboyant or, crisp, but regardless of the aesthetics it is always functional because it follows some crucial design rules. Here’s listing out modern luxury kitchen design rules that should be kept in mind.


Modern luxury kitchen design rules:


The work triangle must be implemented:


Be it a luxurious kitchen or, a compact open kitchen, the work triangle rule should be implemented. The cooktop, the refrigerator, and the sink are the three important elements in the kitchen which should be placed in a way to make the user’s movement absolutely smooth and free from any kind of obstruction. If this rule is overlooked then your work in the kitchen would be a troublesome affair, luxurious or, not any Indian kitchen design must implement the work triangle rule. So, before you start planning the kitchen make sure you are following this rule by placing these three elements maintaining the right distance.


The ideal layout:


While flipping through the luxury kitchen images in a magazine, you must have noticed that each one of them has a specific layout. All the elements in the kitchen, be it the storage modules or, the kitchen sink are arranged accordingly, so deciding the layout of the kitchen matters. You can explore the leading modular kitchen showrooms in Chennai to learn about the latest layouts that are trending now. You just have to ensure that the layout you are selecting is absolutely ideal for your kitchen. If you have a spacious kitchen but not a busy one, the L-shaped layout would fit in nicely and you can also throw in a grand kitchen island to create a stunning effect. On the other hand, a big, busy Indian kitchen will need the U-shaped layout which will enable you to include as many storage and other modules you want.



The smart appliances:


The kitchen appliances are an integral part of the modern kitchen design. The presence of the appliances makes kitchen tasks really easy and simple. However, in your luxury kitchen, do not cram your kitchen counter with unnecessary appliances. Since, these appliances do not come cheap you must not waste your money on items that you would hardly ever use. If you do not consume rice regularly, then having a rice cooker does not make sense. List the items that you want, and you must include the kitchen chimney at the top, ventilation is the key to a healthy kitchen, explore the market and look for top brands. Select energy-efficient, smart devices that will not only enhance the functionality but will also complement the modern luxury kitchen.


Pay attention to the details:


The kitchen is all about details, and while coming up with the ideal luxury Indian kitchen design, you should pay attention to them. From the storage modules to the backsplash, everything must be in alignment with the prevalent theme. The color you select, as well as the hardware should be selected carefully. An all white or, black kitchen with metal detailing will definitely add that glam touch to your kitchen interior. Furthermore, if you are planning a modern kitchen then instead of opting for the basic cabinets look for handle-less options, and tandem drawers. You can also bring in panels to hide your appliances and other modules. Also be careful regarding what you want to display, if you want to display your crockery, or, coffee mugs, or, your glossy cookbooks then you must add some open shelves.


Make a statement:


The luxury kitchen design should be about making a statement and for that you need to add a statement element to your kitchen design. A statement piece would be something that would draw the attention the moment you step into the kitchen and it could be merely for the aesthetics purposes or, might have functionality as well. You can have a mini bar in the kitchen if you are including the entertainment zone, it could be a showpiece, or, you can make a statement with a beautiful kitchen island. It would be the entertainment zone, and you can also serve food there by making seating arrangement. You can add a statement mirror on the wall, just anything that suits your fancy and purpose right, fits your budget and the kitchen layout like a glove. While visiting modular kitchen showrooms in Chennai, explore models and learn which element you truly want in your kitchen.


The kitchen must be bright:


The modern kitchen is all about convenience and without the right lights you cannot make it a convenient place at all. So, plan lighting and plan it right, use wall-mounted options so that the entire kitchen could be well-lit. Task lighting in a kitchen would be of immense importance, make sure your sink, countertop area are adequately lit. Statement lighting is a crucial element in a luxury kitchen. So, you should consider hanging a chandelier, or, a pendant light over the kitchen island, along with drawing attention with their unique design these would also add the much needed warmth to the settings, your storage modules too need lights, so install cabinet lighting as well.


Those were a couple of modern luxury kitchen design rules aimed at helping you design the perfect kitchen. Explore the rules, be innovative and bold in your ideas as luxury kitchen design is all about making a statement.


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