Designing a Modular Kitchen in Pune? Here Are The Steps You Must Follow:

Designing a Modular Kitchen in Pune? Here Are The Steps You Must Follow:

Designing a Modular Kitchen in Pune Here Are The Steps You Must Follow

A modular kitchen design is celebrated for its aesthetic appeal and flawless functionality. Today’s kitchens are hubs of activities, and kitchen space is no longer used ‘just for cooking’. A modern kitchen design must be systematic, accommodate the different needs of the kitchen user, and meet the user’s kitchen usage pattern.


Pune is one of the most luxurious cities in the country, where modular kitchens are in great demand. If you are thinking about building a modular kitchen in Pune but are unsure how to get started, you should look into our guide, which covers the steps to designing the best modular kitchen in Pune.


What are the steps to designing a modular kitchen in Pune?


Be selective about the layout:


The first step of designing a modular kitchen is layout selection. It is an element that plays a crucial role in the modular kitchen design process.


The layout would determine the placement of the work zones, the appliances, and the storage units. Determine a layout after carefully evaluating your available kitchen space and analyzing your kitchen usage patterns.


The layout must help you segment the kitchen space into clearly demarcated zones for meal prep, storage, cooking, and cleaning. The selected layout should help boost the workflow in the kitchen and allow smooth traffic flow.


The triangle:


One crucial element that helps you create the best modular kitchen in Pune is the golden triangle rule. The rule signifies the strategic placement of the cooktop, refrigerator, and kitchen sink—the three most significant points in the kitchen. Depending on the space you have, you have to position these elements in such a way that they create an ideal triangle. The triangle rule ensures easy and quick access to these points.


Storage is essential:


Clutter in the kitchen hampers its functionality. The only way to prevent clutter is through careful storage planning. After careful and pragmatic calculation of the items that you truly require in the modular kitchen, should you start planning the storage?


Visit a showroom for the best modular kitchen in Pune to explore the latest modular kitchen designs and storage module styles. Select the latest kitchen drawers and cabinets that have a pull-out or soft-closing system. Such designs ensure smooth operation and easy accessibility. Install tall units to make room for groceries and small appliances.


Select premium-quality, low-maintenance materials:


A modular kitchen is durable and offers hassle-free maintenance; select your materials carefully to ensure they are of premium quality, require minimal maintenance, and are durable.


Look for the material options, such as granite and quartz, available in the showroom and select materials that are easy to clean, require minimal maintenance, are aesthetically pleasing, and last for years. Conduct market research to learn about the best material options within your budget.


Do you have the space for an island or a peninsula?


Once you have planned all your work zones, it is time to plan the serving and entertainment zones in the kitchen. Install an elegant kitchen island that will boost your modular kitchen functionality and can also become a focal point in the kitchen. The other option is a peninsula that takes up less space yet is a highly efficient choice in terms of creating a serving and entertainment zone in the kitchen. The peninsula is not a free-standing unit like the island; rather, it is an attachment or extension that can become your meal prep counter, breakfast counter, and also where you entertain your guests. An island can become your worktop, a second cooking zone, and a storage zone. But an island would require space; if your kitchen size is not large, opt for a peninsula.


Last but not least!


Once you have taken care of the design details discussed so far in the blog, you must take care of other crucial aspects, namely:


The light: Opt for natural light and plan your modular kitchen design in a way that the natural light can illuminate the kitchen. For artificial lighting in the kitchen, add layers of recessed, task, and pendant lights or even chandeliers over your serving and entertainment zones.


Ventilation: Take care of your and your kitchen’s health by installing a kitchen chimney and also opening windows. Ventilation is often a neglected aspect of a modular kitchen design, but without proper ventilation, your kitchen would become stuffy. It would also attract dirt and grease.


Appliances: Modern kitchen appliances enhance kitchen functionality, but you must be pragmatic during appliance selection. Only opt for energy-efficient brands and invest in appliances that you will use regularly. The same rule must be applied to small kitchen appliances.


Follow these steps and customize your design to create the best modular kitchen in Pune that is functional and reflects your style.


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