These 4 Unique Modern Kitchen Design Styles Will Be Perfect For Your Indian Kitchen Design!

These 4 Unique Modern Kitchen Design Styles Will Be Perfect For Your Indian Kitchen Design!

These 4 Unique Modern Kitchen Design Styles Will Be Perfect For Your Indian Kitchen Design

Kitchen design does not necessarily have to be a complicated task; rather it should be an exciting task no doubt about that. However, when it comes to designing a kitchen from scratch, picking the right kitchen design style turns out to be a challenge for many kitchen users. However, all you have to do is to keep your kitchen requirement in mind, and choose your kitchen design style accordingly. There are different kitchen styles available that will suit your kitchen Indian kitchen design perfectly. Here we have picked such 4 unique styles that will ensure that your kitchen design is absolutely perfect and meets all your requirements.  Check these out and get ready to design an ideal kitchen design.


4 unique modern kitchen design styles for an Indian kitchen:


The open kitchen design:


The open kitchen layout is extremely unique and it is gradually becoming the most efficient kitchen design that is going to change the entire concept of kitchen design. This beautiful kitchen design does not include any kind of barrier such as walls, and the kitchen opens into the dining and sometimes even in the living area. This layout is common in apartments, and even modern houses these days are opting for this kitchen layout. The open kitchen layout not only solves the space issue, but it also enables the kitchen users to interact with the guests and family. It opens up the kitchen area and allows you to be more innovative with the whole design process. In a spacious luxury kitchen you can also install the kitchen island to make it more versatile. The benefits of this layout are-


  • The kitchen traffic flow is completely unobstructed.

  • This kitchen design allows the kitchen user to socialize.

  • Every inch of the kitchen is utilized and can be accessed properly.

  • Kitchen is brightly lit and airy, a well ventilated kitchen space is healthy

The open plan kitchen layout is definitely a suitable layout for an Indian kitchen design.


The island kitchen design:


The island kitchen design is a popular style that has been winning the heart of the kitchen users for a long time. The kitchen design centers round a kitchen island that makes the kitchen space efficient. The island has many functions to perform, and it can turn into a work station, additional storage zone, and whatnot. Now it depends on the kitchen user and also on the kitchen usage pattern to decide the kitchen island style. The island kitchen design can help you divide a modern kitchen design into easily accessible zones as well. But you have to pay attention to the kitchen island lighting scheme to make your kitchen island more efficient. The kitchen island will be the focal point of your kitchen design. The kitchen island usually takes up space and that is the reason it is best suited for the big kitchen spaces. On the other hand, a rolling cart island can also be perfect and it is ideal for a small kitchen space. The benefits of this design are-


  • It can provide adequate storage and thus help in keeping the kitchen space clutter-free.

  • The island kitchen is aesthetically pleasing.

  • The island can also be used for serving food.

  • The kitchen island can also be the perfect workstation.

The island kitchen design is perfect for an Indian kitchen design, however, select the kitchen island style carefully.


The peninsula kitchen design:


Another popular kitchen design will be the peninsula kitchen design, it centers round the kitchen peninsula and takes up three walls of the kitchen. The kitchen peninsula acts as the serving counter, and it can also double up as the work station. The kitchen peninsula style will also depend on the kitchen usage pattern. This kitchen style is again ideal for a spacious kitchen, as it takes up a lot of space in the kitchen. The kitchen style will be perfect for a luxury kitchen that also has the requirement for big kitchen storage. This particular kitchen design can be ideal for a kitchen that is operated by more than one cook. The benefits of this kitchen design are-


  • More storage space.

  • Access to a bigger countertop space.

  • It saves the space of an island yet is equally efficient.

  • It is perfect for apartments with no dining area.

If you have a big family kitchen then you should definitely give this kitchen design a thought.


The L-Shaped Kitchen design:


The L-shaped kitchen design can be the ideal kitchen format for kitchens of varying sizes. It is a really popular and common layout to be seen in the modern kitchen design. However, the uniqueness of this layout makes it visually appealing and its efficiency in making the kitchen space functional has won the hearts of the kitchen users. This kitchen design can help you optimize the small kitchen space, as well as the big kitchen space. This layout takes up two walls and forms the letter L. The corner areas in the kitchen will also be utilized when you implement this particular kitchen style. The benefits of the L-shaped kitchen design are-


  • It is a great option for optimizing the entire kitchen space.

  • It is ideal for implementing the work triangle.

  • The traffic flow will not be obstructed.
  • Efficient for different kitchen space especially for the small, medium, as well as large kitchen spaces.

  • In a large kitchen it will be easier to install the kitchen island.

The L-shaped kitchen design is not only unique but also versatile; if you want to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen design then you must try it out.


Conclusion: These above-mentioned kitchen design styles are unique and will be absolutely perfect for different kitchen designs. But study other kitchen design styles before you finalize anything for your Indian kitchen design.





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