How to plan a functional modern Indian kitchen! Here are the tips

How to plan a functional modern Indian kitchen! Here are the tips

modern kitchen in India

The traditional concept of kitchen has changed drastically, it is no longer a neglected space in the house where food is cooked, groceries are stored, and dishes are cleaned. The modern kitchen has doubled up as a snazzy place for meal preparation but also as the serving and entertainment zone.


The kitchen functionality is being given priority now. The place must be designed in a way that would make it easier for the cook to get every single task done without any hassle, and it will also provide adequate storage facility as well, so as to avoid any kind of clutter. The secret to making a kitchen functional lies in the design itself, whether your want to design a new kitchen or, renovate the old one, you should take the right steps to ensure that your kitchen design is functional. So, let’s find out how to make a modern kitchen in India functional.


Tips to plan a functional modern Indian kitchen:


How would you like to use your kitchen?


How do you plan on using your kitchen? The answer to that holds the clue to the design process. Figure out which tasks would be performed in the kitchen, would you be using the kitchen for only cooking, or, for the entertainment purpose as well? You might even want to serve dinner to your family. You also need to figure out how much grocery you want to store in the kitchen, as this will help you figure out the right number of storage modules you need. Once you have formed clear ideas regarding the kitchen requirements, you can move on to the next steps knowing that you have already moved one step closer to creating a functional kitchen. While figuring out the design for modular kitchen you should do the same.



Figure out your layout:


The next step is definitely going to be the selection of the layout. A kitchen needs to be designed in an orderly manner and for that you must need to decide which layout would be perfect for your Indian kitchen. The L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped kitchen, the galley kitchen, the one-wall layout, the peninsula layout are the most trending ones. But you should not pick out any layout that suits your fancy, because the layout decides how all the elements of the kitchen will be placed. If you have a modular kitchen in mind, then go visit a store for the modular kitchens in Chennai, and go through the layouts of different models on display to decide which one fits yours.



Plan your storage right:


One of the key elements to creating a functional kitchen will be to have as much storage as needed. So, make a list of items that you want to keep in the kitchen and where do you want to place them. Make sure that everything is in its own place and are within your reach. Planning storage modules based on that would be easier and absolutely perfect. When you customize the design for modular kitchen for your place, plan your storage modules accordingly. The combination of drawers and cabinets works well for most kitchens, for tiny kitchens the stack of drawers would be ideal, with a couple of open shelves. Figure out what you need and how much space do you have to accommodate all the storage modules.



Leave room for movement:



A modern Indian kitchen is inviting and it has different zones for cooking, entertaining, and serving. So, if your kitchen is planned in a way that makes movement in the kitchen a hassle for everyone, then it is not a functional kitchen at all. Your kitchen, even if it is small can still be planned in a way so that people can move from one area to the other without being obstructed by some element. Visualize how your kitchen will function, and whether there will be just one cook, or, multiple cooks before placing the elements. The modern kitchen in India needs to be spacious enough for everyone to move around freely.



Focus on the countertop:



More often than not, while planning a kitchen the countertop area is not paid attention to. While selecting the kitchen layout you must pay attention to the size and placement of the kitchen countertop. Your kitchen countertop is where you would be chopping vegetables, place utensils, and even prepared dishes, line up your spice containers, use your small kitchen appliances, and do more stuff. Therefore, it needs to be adequately spacious enough to allow you to do all your chores without a problem.



The kitchen countertop must be designed in a way that despite placing items and doing chores it won’t look cluttered or, worse dirty. It should be cleaned everyday as well, so opting for easy to clean materials like marble, granite, makes sense. Talk to the dealers of the modular kitchens in Chennai, to learn which materials are ideal for the countertop area. When you have the right countertop, your kitchen chores will get much easier to get done.



The work triangle must be there:


If you want your kitchen to be functional then you cannot afford to ignore the work triangle. The triangle which basically encompasses three vital points in the kitchen must be positioned right. The stove, the sink, and the refrigerator in your kitchen should be accessible. There should not be any kind of obstruction, and you must be able to access the points in a hurry without running into any clutter.



Get the right appliances:



Another valuable pointer which should be kept in mind is to make room for the right appliances. Your kitchen work needs to be hassle-free, so, you need to have access to the right appliances which would make your work easier. A modern kitchen in India, needs to have access to the right appliances, however, make sure that you are having only what you need. Figure out your need and keep the electrical outlets in mind before selecting them.



Conclusion: Functionality is a crucial aspect of the kitchen design which you should never ever undermine. You kitchen should be a beautiful place, but if it is not functional then it might not be the ideal kitchen. Follow the above mentioned tips whenever you plan on designing or, renovating your kitchen.


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