5 modern kitchen storage ideas you haven’t given a thought yet !

5 modern kitchen storage ideas you haven’t given a thought yet !

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The kitchen being a busy place in the house could get cluttered soon due to inefficient storage planning. A modern kitchen has transformed into a place where along with cooking, entertaining and socializing are done as well. So, your modern kitchen cannot be a messy place, but storage oftentimes becomes a problem as you keep on adding to your kitchen inventory. Making room for all the stuff can be a big problem for you. Here we have put together some storage ideas that could be easily incorporated into modern Indian kitchen ideas. So, let’s check these out now.


5 modern kitchen storage ideas:


Having a pantry unit is a must:


If you truly want your kitchen to be absolutely free from any kind of clutter then the best way to do that would be to create a separate pantry section in your kitchen. The pantry is an integral part of the kitchen because this is where we store grocery items. But due to lack of space and compact layouts, the kitchen is no longer what it used to be. The cabinets are mostly used for storing all these essential items and this often results in the cabinets being crowded.


The problem is, in a cabinet you have limited space where you are going to store your foods items. This can get messy, as you might even store something else in them as well and with the regular cabinet designs you simply cannot store things methodically. You will have problem accessing these items in a hurry.



A separate pantry unit can solve this issue, in fact, the pantry units are getting incorporated in the latest modular kitchen designs as well. The users now prefer to keep things sorted in the kitchen; a pantry unit allows them to do that. You can design it the way you want, you can keep it simple with a couple of horizontal shelves and add doors, or, you can opt for the smart sliding pantry units which offer you ample space to store different items and also stay hidden. So, give it a thought when you design your kitchen!



Get an island:


kitchen islands


This is another great idea that you should consider incorporating in the kitchen. If your kitchen space and layout permit then having an island is a great idea. This works best if you have an L-shaped layout, or, a straight-line layout. In an enclosed space or, in a small kitchen you can opt for the portable ones. The islands provide you with ample space to store your essentials. You can build cabinets, or, you can also add some drawers depending upon the size of the island.



These built-in storage solutions actually help you keep things sorted, if you are using the island surface as the worktop then you can include shallow drawers where you can put cutleries and other kitchen essentials that you need on a daily basis. You can also incorporate an island beautifully in your modular kitchen design; contact the modular kitchen dealers in Delhi to learn about your options.



Get shelves:



This idea works well for both the small and big sized kitchens. Usually the modern kitchen design tends to use up the vertical space in the kitchen, this works really well for compact spaces. However, the overhead cabinets can be a bit problematic because of the fact that these are not easy to reach, you will have trouble accessing items that are stored at the back of the cabinets and you cannot even locate items without opening the cabinets.



Using the vertical space for storage is a great idea, but you can easily replace the cabinets with the open shelves. The Indian kitchen ideas are now veering towards the inclusion of these shelves, the open shelves are a big trend now and even the modular kitchen design is making room for these shelves. The open shelving solves your kitchen storage problem in a jiffy; you can easily install these shelves on the walls and use these for storing different items. On one shelf you can put the spice containers, the other could be used for saucers and coffee mugs, and another might be used for the purpose of stacking your dinner plates. In the latest modular kitchen designs these shelves are also being used for displaying items. Your storage problem gets sorted; the kitchen aesthetic gets a boost, and your kitchen also becomes functional.




Get drawers:



Although the traditional kitchen ideas veer towards the cabinets, the drawers are now enjoying a huge popularity. The modern kitchen drawer designs make sure that you can store what you need without having to make any compromises. You can have a mix of both deep and shallow drawers, and things can certainly be better. The tandem drawers especially have the extra space that allows you to store the big kitchen utensils, dishes, the shallow drawers installed below the worktop can hold kitchen accessories, spice containers.The drawers do not take up much space and you can expect nothing but efficiency from them. Learn about the latest drawer designs from the modular kitchen dealers in Delhi.




Try unusual spaces:



When it comes to storage we always resort to the usual spaces in the kitchen that are meant to be used for building storage modules. However, you should consider exploring those unusual spaces in the kitchen. Get ready to give your Indian kitchen ideas some twist and turn your backsplash into a mini storage by opting for the pegboard backsplash. You can easily hang your spatulas, graters, beaters, and even pots and pans and be sorted.



Install a small shelf or, a rack above the sink and you can use that to store your dishes. In fact, you can also install a mini drawer under the sink, where you can keep cleaning supplies. Use the corner area for storage by installing drawers, or, install modular kitchen accessories like the magic corners in the existing cabinets. Explore these ideas and start looking for unusual spaces in your kitchen.



Those were 5 modern kitchen storage ideas that you should explore. You can try all, but before you do, assess your storage needs first along with the available storage modules. If you want to enhance the functionality of your kitchen then you might consider opting for the modular kitchen concept.



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