Check Out These Kitchen Drawer Styles Before You Select Them For Your Modular Kitchen Design

Check Out These Kitchen Drawer Styles Before You Select Them For Your Modular Kitchen Design

Check Out These Kitchen Drawer Styles Before You Select Them For Your Modular Kitchen Design

The modular kitchen design is popular because of the innovative features it comes with. The modular kitchen concept addresses all the common kitchen concerns and comes up with efficient solutions for each. With a modular kitchen in Hyderabad, you will not have to worry about kitchen storage space as well. The modular kitchen design can be versatile and offers different styles of storage modules. The drawers are most preferred storage modules for a modular kitchen, as these are versatile in style and have much storage space to offer. Here is a guide on different kitchen drawer styles that will help you select the right modular kitchen design.


Kitchen drawer styles for your modular kitchen:


The deep drawers:


The deep drawers are a must for a modular kitchen, and as the name suggests these drawers are bigger and have more depth. In your modular kitchen you will definitely keep many big utensils like pots and pans, and other items; but making space for them is not easy and the deep drawers will be the just perfect for holding these items. This style is ideal for big family kitchens as well where you need to store many utensils. These drawers can provide you with the space you have, and these drawers will be perfect for your small modular kitchen design as well. These drawers are stored vertically and hence do not take up a lot of space. The pull-out design and the compartments make the items more accessible.


The glassware drawers:


In your modular kitchen in Coimbatore, you will have to store glassware. These items are so delicate that you cannot put them anywhere with other items. The glassware drawers offers the ideal solution for these items, as the drawers have the separators to keep the glassware items separated, and these are also put on a soft platform so that there is no friction. The pull-out style makes the drawers easy to access. If you have fine glassware in the kitchen then you must try out this drawer.


The bottle drawer:


It is needless to point out that in your modular kitchen you have many bottles to store, starting with the numerous bottles of sauces to beverages. These bottles must be stores efficiently in the kitchen as these are required on an everyday basis. But keeping them sorted and accessible one should consider opting for a bottle drawer in your modular kitchen in Hyderabad. This particular drawer comes with different sections for keeping the bottles sorted the drawer. Especially when you need your cooking oil in a hurry you can easily pull put the drawer to extract the bottle you need. However, you have to be careful about the placement of the drawer; it should be next to your coking zone.


The corner drawers:


These drawers are the life saviors in a small modular kitchen design. The small modular kitchen suffers from the space shortage and therefore, every inch of the kitchen should be optimized. The corner areas in such a kitchen usually go to waste because even if you build cabinets these areas remain hard to reach. But with the kitchen corner drawers you can solve this problem, as these are shaped and placed in a way to allow the users to fully utilize the corner sections in the kitchen. You can pull-these out easily to access your spice jars, or, some other items.


The cutlery drawer:


The cutlery drawers are one of the most useful drawer styles in your modular kitchen in Coimbatore. Without a specific kitchen drawer to store these items, the cutleries and other kitchen accessories cannot be stored methodically. But with the accessibility of this drawer style you can keep these items along with other accessories neatly sorted. These drawers also come with multiple dividers and therefore, you can keep your forks, spoons, rolling pin, ladles, and other accessories separated yet easily accessible in your kitchen.


Conclusion: These are a couple of kitchen drawer styles that you should check out while designing your modular kitchen in Hyderabad. You should reach out to your modular kitchen dealer and discuss your requirements to learn which drawer styles will be ideal for your modular kitchen.





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