Wall Cabinets You Need For An Organised Kitchen

Wall Cabinets You Need For An Organised Kitchen

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Having an organised and attractive kitchen can lift your mood every morning and give your home a modern feel.


Sliding Door Cabinets


This type of wall cabinet is ideal for a compact space. It requires less area for movement but also provides a modern appeal to the whole kitchen. SLiding door wall cabinets do require regular maintenance to ensure alignment of the sliders. These kinds of doors actually only allow access to half the shelf in one go, so it is generally not used to store essentials. However, by pairing it with a glass slider you get a good visual of the rest of the shelf if you attempt to reach around for items.


Glass Cabinets


Whether you choose to go with frosted glass, stained glass, or a more classic clear glass, you give your kitchen the illusion of more space. Frameless glass gives the room a sleek, modern and sophisticated look. Further, glass can brighten up any room as it reflects the illumination coming in. These are also helpful to quickly check where the items you need are stored without having to open every single shelf.


Flat Panel


A flat panel, like a frameless glass panel, is a statement in your kitchen that makes your home seem sleek and in vogue. This minimalist style helps the kitchen also look clean and minimizes the feeling of clutter. Since the surface is no-nonsense and simple it is easier to maintain. By going with a simple and stylish handle your flat panel cabinets will have a chic and smooth finished look.


Pull Down Rack


This is an ideal for the masterful home chef that uses many spices throughout the day. A pull-down spice rack is a great installment to a wall cabinet above your stove top so that you have easy access to your ingredients. It also provides a refreshing alternative to having an old-school box for your spices, and gives the kitchen a modern appeal.


Lift-up Cabinets


A lift-up or awning-style cabinet storage is ideal for a modern closed horizontal cabinet.Since the shutter for this cabinet has to be lifted upwards to see all the items inside, there is no need to move backwards or forwards while opening it. Further, there is no risk of hitting your head on the cabinet door in this style of storage since the opening does not protrude.


Which of these cabinet styles sound the most appealing to your home? Let us know in the comments. Get in touch with us through our website or social media to get started on getting your dream kitchen interiors.


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