What to know before installing a modular kitchen?

What to know before installing a modular kitchen?

What to know before installing a modular kitchen

Modular kitchens are no longer the luxury they were earlier thought to be instead these are the real gems that offer great value for your money. Once, the home owners who were used to be happy with a carpenter made version, they are now embracing the modular kitchen concept and are absolutely satisfied with the result they are getting so, now is the time to get your hands on a modular kitchen. You can easily access a modular kitchen dealer in your city and choose a model that fits your kitchen space snugly and most importantly your budget. You can visit and explore the modular kitchen stores in Indore, and select the model you want. But before you take your final step you must be aware of certain pointers. Read on to learn what these are.


Things to consider before you install a modular kitchen:


The kitchen layout:



The kitchen layout plays the most significant role and you have to decide whether the U-shaped kitchen would be the right fit or, would it take an L-shaped layout to do justice to the space you have in your kitchen. If you have the open kitchen concept then you might be comfortable with some other layout. Learning about different layouts along with pros and cons can save your precious time and you can select the most suitable type.


The golden rule:


To increase efficiency of your kitchen design you should consider following the golden triangle rule which involves positioning of the stove, the refrigerator and the sink in a way that these three vital elements remains easily accessible and the movement between any two element does not get obstructed somehow. So, you must measure your kitchen and visualize how to achieve this.




A regular kitchen is exposed to all sorts of grime and dirt due to the accumulation of oil, smoke, dust and the absence of deep cleaning and proper ventilation. Do not let this issue spoil your modular kitchen design as well, you certainly do not want your beautiful cabinets to turn greasy. If you have windows then great, if there is not then install a kitchen chimney to ensure that your kitchen is properly ventilated.




Before approaching the modular kitchen manufacturers in Mumbai, you must do your own research on the kitchen materials that would be durable and most importantly easy to maintain. Also if you have a low budget then you can save bucks with your material choices, for example laminate would be easier on the pocket, easy to maintain, and would offer stunning design options. So, be selective.


Storage units:


You have to decide what kind of storage units would you like to have, which ones would be more convenient for you. Yes, cabinets are the standard norms, but you can plan your kitchen just the way you want, you might feel that drawers would be a smarter option, the long drawers underneath your cook top holding pans, pots, spatulas and accessories would be much more handy than the cabinets. In fact, including floating shelves too would be a great idea as you can put items you need on a regular basis on these shelves and make things less hassle free.



The perfect modular kitchen for your home would require planning, so, before taking the final leap you must consider putting a lot of thought into the design process, the ideal kitchen design must be based around your requirements.


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