5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Open Shelving Rather Than Overhead Cabinets For Your Modern Indian Kitchen

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Open Shelving Rather Than Overhead Cabinets For Your Modern Indian Kitchen

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Open Shelving Rather Than Overhead Cabinets For Your Modern Indian Kitchen

The modern kitchen design has evolved over the years and many new features have made their way into the kitchen. The overhead cabinets have been a staple choice of kitchen users for decades. These cabinets utilize the vertical space by allowing the kitchen users to find some additional storage space.


However, of late the open shelves have started replacing the overhead cabinets due to their functionality. If you are currently planning a new modern Indian kitchen design, these shelves can be excellent additions to your kitchen.


Here are 5 reasons why these open shelves can be an excellent addition to your modern Indian kitchen.


Why should you install open shelving instead of overhead cabinets?


The open shelves are versatile:


The open shelves are more versatile in style and in terms of functionality than the overhead cabinets.


Overhead cabinets are bulky and you cannot install them anywhere you like.


But the open shelves can be installed anywhere as these are available in many different shapes and sizes. Install two or more shelves vertically above the countertop to store the small appliances, as well as the spice containers, the finest crockery, and even your cookbooks.


A stand-alone small shelf right above the cooktop can be the perfect spice jar holder. Likewise, you can install shelves around the kitchen each on every wall to make room for different items. Explore different open-shelf designs before finalizing a style for your modern kitchen design.


Open shelves are more accessible:


When you resort to overhead cabinets you often face a problem accessing the items stored inside the cabinets.


However, the open shelving is more accessible as compared with the overhead cabinets. You can easily locate the items you are storing on these shelves, and you can reach these items without any hassle. Especially the items that you require on an everyday basis must be within your reach. Looking for such items during rush hours will be a problem if they are inside an overhead cabinet. The open shelves will enhance the functionality of your modern kitchen in India, by making everything more accessible.


Open shelves are easier to clean:


Keeping the kitchen clean is a hassle for most kitchen users. The overhead cabinets are not easy to clean; reaching inside the cabinets regularly for a thorough cleaning will be a tedious task.


The open shelves are easy to clean and you can clean them every day. You can take down the items stored on a shelf and wipe them clean with a soft cloth, and even spills can be cleaned instantaneously. Easy maintenance makes these shelves valuable additions to your modern Indian kitchen design.


Opens up the kitchen space:


The bulky overhead cabinets are not a great choice for a small kitchen, as these cabinets can make the kitchen space even more enclosed. The open shelves can open up a kitchen space depending upon their design and placement. These shelves are trending as well, and if you check out any modern kitchen in India, you will notice these shelves installed in the kitchen. Open shelving also adds aesthetic value to a kitchen. You can put artwork, cookbooks, a dainty décor piece, or anything that you want to display and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your modern kitchen design.


Keep the kitchen clutter-free:


A cluttered kitchen can be the biggest problem for a kitchen user. Usually keeping things organized inside a cabinet might not be easy, but when you have open shelves in the kitchen your kitchen will become organized. You can keep everything organized on the shelves. Organization will not be a problem, as you can easily take out an item and put it back without any hassle. With more shelves in the kitchen, everything will be in its place, and keeping the clutter away from your modern kitchen in India will be a simple process.


However, both open shelves and overhead cabinets help the kitchen user utilize the vertical space. The overhead cabinets are more traditional choices and the open shelving is the latest addition to the modern Indian kitchen design. These shelves are ideal for apartments.


Conclusion: Depending upon your requirement you should select a particular style of kitchen storage unit in the kitchen. However, you can also combine both to create unique storage in your kitchen.


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