Check Out These Modern Kitchen Storage Solutions To Battle The Storage Woes

Check Out These Modern Kitchen Storage Solutions To Battle The Storage Woes

Check Out These Modern Kitchen Storage Solutions To Battle The Storage Woes

A kitchen stays busy all the time; this is where you stay engaged with your kitchen chores all day long. The kitchen design must be functional to make your tasks easier to accomplish. However, storage is one aspect of the kitchen design that must be well taken care of. If there are not enough storage modules in the kitchen, it will start to get cluttered. No one likes to work in a messy kitchen where it is difficult to access items in a hurry, and where you do not have enough space to make room for everything you wish to keep. The modern Indian kitchen design needs to have ample storage. If you are having storage problems in your kitchen, then here are some solutions that you must check out. With a modular kitchen though you can not only solve your storage woes, but you can also create a functional kitchen space.



Modern kitchen storage solutions for every kitchen:


Before we begin this discussion we need to keep in mind that not every single kitchen has the same storage problem, and the kitchen requirements will always vary. Therefore, we have come up with some solutions that might fit different needs, as these are easy to implement.


Create different zones:


One of the biggest reasons for clutter is that we do not create specific storage sections as per specific requirements. In a kitchen different items have different functions, and are required for different purposes, so when they are put in the cabinets in a haphazard way, there will be a mess.


In order to prevent this you must create different zones in the kitchen and store your kitchen essentials accordingly. For example, if you are having trouble storing your cleaning supplies, then take them to the cleaning zone in your kitchen, which is the sink. Now you can install an under the sink pull-out basket, or, a floating shelf above the sink where you can put these supplies. Likewise, you should plan rest of the kitchen storage according to zones. The modern kitchen design will be more streamlined when you have different zones in the kitchen.


Try open storage ideas:


One of the biggest problems the kitchen owners face is that they cannot locate the items in a hurry. Opening a bulky cabinet and rummaging through items stuffed there would be a problem. You can solve this issue with a simple trick, you can easily opt for open storage solutions. Instead of having bulky cabinets overhead you should install open cabinets or, open shelves. You can create separate sections for spices, pots, plates, small appliances, etc. This will not only help you store everything systematically but will also help you locate items in a jiffy. You might also like to check out the modular kitchen storage solutions.


Access accessories:


While planning your kitchen storage there are several issues that you have to keep in mind. The corner cabinets are difficult to access, big utensils like the pots and the pans are difficult to store in the cabinets. Furthermore, the smaller accessories like the rolling pin, ladles, need a storage place of their own. You can solve each of these issues by giving your modern Indian kitchen design a twist. You should access the necessary accessories to make your storage more sorted. For the corner cabinets you should install the carousel units, this way you can store and access the items without any kind of hassle.


Furthermore, you should install hanging racks on the walls to hang your pots and pans. This will not only make storage smoother, but will also make these items more accessible. If you are going to invest in the modular kitchen you can still opt for these racks. As for your smaller accessories you can install a pegboard backsplash.


Create a pantry section:


It is the easiest way to sort your storage mess, by including a pantry in your modern kitchen design you can transform your storage in a jiffy. If you put your grocery items along with other utensils, and accessories, that could create a mess in the kitchen. Therefore, separate your groceries by creating a separate pantry unit in the kitchen. In the modular kitchens too the pantry units are making their presence felt. Explore the pantry designs doing the rounds, and select one that fits your space and your requirement best.


Conclusion: The above mentioned ideas can truly transform your modern Indian kitchen design. Be ready to explore innovating storage ideas to make your kitchen storage more functional and keep the clutter away from the kitchen. A modular kitchen can be an ideal solution as it comes with smart storage solutions.


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