How To Create An Entertainment Zone In Your Modular Kitchen In Delhi NCR? We Have The Tips

How To Create An Entertainment Zone In Your Modular Kitchen In Delhi NCR? We Have The Tips

Modular Kitchen In Delhi NCR

Today, a modern kitchen has become a multi functional space that lets you perform multiple activities alongside cooking. Kitchen design in India now extends itself to include an entertainment zone as well, where one may host parties or where people gather for an informal dinner and bond over good food and banter. More and more families are now expanding their kitchen space to make room for an entertainment zone where they can socialize. 


If you are planning a new modular kitchen in Delhi, NCR, or renovating it, and wondering how to create an entertainment zone, follow these tips here. 


Tips to create an entertainment zone in your modular kitchen in Delhi, NCR: 


An entertainment zone in the kitchen will be an integral part of the kitchen, and, like the rest of the zones, this element needs to be an ideal blend of functionality and aesthetics. Let’s check out the tips now!


Start with the layout: 


The layout plays the most significant role in creating an ideal entertainment zone. Because you would interact with guests while serving them food and beverages, they would not stay seated for long; instead, they would move around the kitchen and even approach you to converse.  Furthermore, you will remain busy fetching cutlery from cabinets, heating food, or serving beverages to the guests; you need a layout that will boost the workflow and traffic flow in the kitchen. 


The open-plan kitchen is the ideal option for you here! If your luxury kitchen opens up to the living room, the guests can walk into the kitchen and move around without any obstruction, and you as the host can simultaneously cook, serve, and interact with the guests. 


Both the L-shaped and one-wall layouts would be suitable for this purpose.


Install an island or a peninsula: 


A kitchen island can be the heart of your kitchen entertainment zone. Explore the options available and select the best for your modern luxury kitchen design. The kitchen island is a versatile element that can serve multiple purposes. 


You can add seating to create the perfect serving platform. Install a large island in the kitchen if there is enough room for it. Select the right material for the countertop that enhances aesthetics and is easy to maintain. 


Ensure that the guests can sit comfortably. You may also place the food items there, and the guests could come and take their pick as they move around the kitchen enjoying the party. With an open kitchen plan, you can serve the food in the dining room or the living room and use the island for cooking or heating food. A peninsula would be another option for you to try out. However, before adding any of these elements, ensure that you have adequate space in your modular kitchen in Delhi, NCR


Split the kitchen into wet and dry zones: 


The wet and dry kitchen concept is gaining momentum, and in many urban homes, the kitchen gets separated into a wet kitchen and a dry kitchen. The wet kitchen zone is meant for heavy-duty cooking, and the dry kitchen section is mostly for heating food, preparing snacks, or making coffee. You can learn about this concept here


This arrangement streamlines the workflow and allows you to entertain guests without exposing your entire kitchen. The dry kitchen would be ideal for your entertainment zone, where you can host parties and serve them snacks, and beverages. Just plan the modern luxury kitchen design well and install only the necessary appliances. Also, keep the aesthetics minimal. 


Take care of the lights!


Do not spoil the party mood with dim lights or shadows in the kitchen. Set the mood with vibrant lights as you receive guests. The ambient lighting is a must as it can light up the entire kitchen, but you should also play around with accent lights, which are a must for your entertainment zone. If you are installing an island, then hang the pendant lights above. These would help create a focal point in your kitchen while providing adequate illumination so that your guests can enjoy their meals. Integrated lighting inside the cabinet or shelves is important as well to ensure functionality and showcase your precious items. 


Do not forget storage and appliances: 


While planning an entertainment zone in your luxury kitchen, you should also pay attention to the storage. Add shallow drawers and cabinets to the kitchen island where you can store the cutlery, necessary tools, extra plates, glasses, and jars of condiments you may require during the party. Select handleless drawers that are easy to operate and accessible and also lend a clean, aesthetic appeal. 


Do not forget to include the appliances. The coffee machine, wine cooler, and oven are some of the necessary appliances that should be placed near the zone so that you can heat food and take out wine bottles right when your guests need them. Strategic placement of these appliances and drawers would ensure uninterrupted entertainment. 


Create a well-planned entertainment zone in your modular kitchen in Delhi, NCR.  Cook fabulous meals and keep your guests entertained. With these tips, you can create an ideal entertainment zone that you and your guests will fall in love with.


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