How to customize a modular kitchen design? Here are the steps we follow @ Haecker Kitchens

How to customize a modular kitchen design? Here are the steps we follow @ Haecker Kitchens

How to customize a modular kitchen design? Here are the steps we follow @ Haecker Kitchens

A customized modular kitchen design is coveted by many homeowners these days, as customized kitchens promise functionality, reflect their style, and seamlessly sync with the rest of the interior. We at Haecker, understand how important it is to customize a modular kitchen design. Each kitchen is different than the other; the kitchen design requirement varies depending on the kitchen usage pattern, specific requirements, and other factors. In our journey in India, we have designed 10,000+ kitchens across the country so far; each modular kitchen designed at Haecker is unique in style, design, and theme.


Ridhvika Chawla (Director for Design & Customer Relations at Häcker Kitchens) gave us a walk-through of the customization process followed at Haecker Kitchens.


Let us take you through the steps we follow at Haecker Kitchens.


Steps to customize a modular kitchen design: Here’s how we do it at Haecker


Step#1: Meeting the client:


Ridhvika Chawla explains, “No two people are the same, and similarly, no two kitchens will be the same”. At Haecker Kitchens, we follow this principle and pay attention to unique needs of each of our clients. The first step to customization begins with meeting the clients.


This step is the most crucial in the modular kitchen customization process; when a client visits our showroom with their specific kitchen design needs, we give them a tour of the showroom and introduce them to diverse modular kitchen models. We initiate a discussion with them to learn about their needs.


Each family uniquely uses their kitchen; a client may want to divide the kitchen space into dry and wet kitchen areas, while another client may want it to be a cozy bonding place for their family during meal times. The design may also vary depending on the available kitchen space. If a client is battling space constraint, we brainstorm a functional design to utilize every inch of the kitchen.


Additionally, storage needs will also vary which is why it’s imperative for us to learn about our client’s primary storage requirements. We listen to them in order to craft the ideal modular kitchen cabinets they desire.


Step#2: Accessories and Appliance Selection:


No modular kitchen can be complete without state-of-the-art accessories and appliances. But not all clients will require the same set of accessories and kitchen appliances. Once we grasp the kitchen design concept a client is looking for, we work on the finer details and help them select the right accessories. We introduce them to the range of accessories and offer suggestions to help them choose accordingly. We take the same approach with appliances; we partner with global brands such as Siemens, Bosch, and Capella that combine innovation, technology, and functionality to deliver high-quality appliances. Once these details get finalized we move on to the next step of modular kitchen design.


Step#3: Finalizing the Design


Once all the details are in place, we take the next step of bringing the design to life in a 3D format.  We believe in giving shape to the ideas that have so far been on pen and paper to help the clients visualize how the design will pan out.


A 3D version offers a concrete shape and helps clients understand the practical aspects of a design, such as the kitchen layout, the placement of the modular kitchen cabinets, the appliances, etc. The clients take a look at the visual representation of the kitchen design and suggest and make real-time changes to it. Once we receive the final go-ahead from the client, we proceed to the next step.


Step#4: The design is sent to Germany for manufacturing:


The client approved modular kitchen design is sent to our manufacturing unit in Rödinghausen, Germany. Each Hacker modular kitchen is manufactured in Germany. Our brand is known for delivering premium quality kitchens that boasts of precise German engineering. We take great care in ensuring that each modular kitchen designed by us is of high quality. Our team of German experts instructs the designers responsible for bringing the idea to reality. We also train fitters who will eventually install the kitchen to ensure that precision is maintained. Once manufactured, the units get shipped from our plant and they are only opened at our clients’ homes and get installed by our expert fitters.


Customizing a modular kitchen design is a meticulous process, and we enjoy every step of it. We take delight in making our clients happy by delivering the modular kitchen of their dreams. However, if our clients want assistance or have a question, we are always there to assist them. Everyone from our clients to the architects whom we collaborate with trusts our after-sales support. We are only a phone call away from you. Give us a call and let us customize a modular kitchen for you.




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    I have been associated with Hacker since the inception. It's been a Rollercoaster journey in the last 20 years and there has never been a dull moment in all these days. Watching Hacker grow exponentially in the last 20 years has been an absolute delight. During my initial days, I was a multitasker and day to day activities included client meeting, drawings, presentation and dealing with esteemed builders/clients. Being a veteran now, I am primarily responsible for training the new folks, handholding them, getting them acquainted on business nuisances etc.

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