Wondering How to Create a Functional Indian Kitchen? Check Out These Smart Features from Hacker Kitchens

Wondering How to Create a Functional Indian Kitchen? Check Out These Smart Features from Hacker Kitchens

A functional kitchen design is in high demand due to the efficiency it offers. Modern kitchen designs need to be functional and stylish. Kitchen functionality ensures that a modern kitchen transforms into an efficient space that promotes a smooth workflow because a functional kitchen design is user-friendly.


At Hacker Kitchens, we customize, craft, and deliver German-engineered premier quality luxury modular kitchen designs. Along with using the finest materials and crafting bespoke designs, we infuse our modular kitchen designs with smart features that enhance kitchen organization and operational efficiency.


Without further ado, let’s learn about some of these smart features here.


Smart modular kitchen features for a functional Indian kitchen:


‘The Flying Bridge’ Counter:


An innovative addition from Hacker Kitchens is the ‘Flying Bridge’ counter. This island is a versatile element that reflects robust German engineering and also exudes elegance. An island has now become an essential element for a modular luxury kitchen design due to the combination of functionality and style it brings to the table.


 ‘The Flying Bridge’ counter slides in and out to conceal and reveal a second counter with an in-built hob. You can also install sinks and taps here. Once you close this extended cooking or meal prep counter, it transforms into a neat and clean worktop that is ready to serve food or entertain your guests during a party.


It is an apt feature for luxury kitchens where the end-user cooks and also hosts guests. It has a robust design that ensures that the extended counter will never tip over. You can use the extended counter as a breakfast bar or even as a buffet counter.


The push-to-open cabinets:


Cabinets and drawers are the lifelines of every kitchen space. These storage modules must offer adequate space to store kitchen essentials and should be easy to operate. At Hacker Kitchens, we know how important it is to access kitchen cabinets in India quickly to retrieve the items stored within. Struggling with cabinet handles when you are in a hurry is not something you want to deal with daily.


Hacker Kitchens takes a functional approach to modular kitchen storage design and offers push-to-open cabinets. It ensures that multitasking in the kitchen becomes a breeze. The handle-less overhead cabinets are great additions to a modern luxury kitchen design; you can open and close them with a touch! Open them with a touch to access items from the shelves, and touch again to close the door.

Pull-out storage units and accessories:


The storage requirements in an Indian kitchen design are diverse; hence, it requires versatile solutions that will suit varied requirements and keep everything organized.


Hacker Kitchens presents pull-out drawers with organizers, letting you keep diverse items neatly stored and organized. Keep your ladles, spoons, and accessories neatly organized in separate compartments. The soft-closing drawers are also easy to operate.


The pull-out Tall units are a prized addition to the modular kitchen; store your grocery essentials neatly on the racks. Furthermore, the racks are adjustable; you can take them out and adjust their height as per your need. You can also clean them separately, as they are easy to remove.


Maximize your modular kitchen design space with our corner cabinets. These cabinets have revolving doors and carousel units. Open them to access the heavy pots and utensils.


Integrated appliances:


Appliances are a necessity that no kitchen can do without. At Hacker Kitchens, we offer integrated appliances that streamline the modern kitchen design and enhance efficiency.


If you love a minimalist, clean look in your kitchen, our innovative solutions will win your heart.



Hide your appliances and flaunt a seamless look. Hacker Kitchens presents integrated solutions in the form of an integrated refrigerator concealed behind a handle-less door and a knock-to-open cabinet door that hides your dishwasher. The metallic finish adds style, and the touch-to-open technology keeps everything functional. All of these features contribute to making your modular kitchen efficient and trendy.


Conclusion: Hacker Kitchens strives for excellence, and we continue to innovate in order to provide elegant kitchens with promising features. We blend functional features with style to create innovative kitchen spaces that fit Indian kitchen spaces seamlessly.


Visit our showroom to explore the latest modular kitchen designs; check out our modular kitchen models to select the one that suits your style and needs.


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