Hacker Kitchens Presents Toskana Crystal, A Luxury Modular Kitchen Model in White

Hacker Kitchens Presents Toskana Crystal, A Luxury Modular Kitchen Model in White

Hacker Kitchens Presents Toskana Crystal, A Luxury Modular Kitchen Model in White

The traditional kitchen design is a popular choice for those who look for timeless kitchens. At Hacker Kitchens, we offer the perfect combination of kitchen designs that combine luxury and functionality. We know that end-users have distinct design requirements. From traditional to contemporary, we design modular kitchen models in every style. In our blogs, we feature exclusive modular kitchen designs that exude luxury and have functional features.


We have featured modern kitchen designs before; in this blog, we will present a timeless kitchen design that will take your breath away.


Here’s Toskana Crystal, a charming, traditional kitchen design in white. Let’s explore this elegant modular kitchen design that takes you down the nostalgia lane.


Toskana Crystal: A traditional modular kitchen design


The white elegance:


The beautiful white kitchen set against a beige wall is a sight to behold. The pristine white cabinet fronts blend well with the stark white backsplash and the white drawers. The color white is a classic choice for a traditional kitchen design. The traditional kitchen design color palette includes colors like cream, neutral shades, white, beige, etc.


The Toskana Crystal is a classic example of a traditional, classy kitchen style. It does evoke a feeling of nostalgia. The matte front surface contributes to the modular kitchen’s subtle beauty.


The elegant light wood is beautifully contrasting with the lovely white, and the kitchen knobs are anthracite. The open shelves in this luxury kitchen are white as well and they add a breezy look to the design. Kitchen accessories in black, grey, and in beige have added to the contrast.


The L-shaped layout:


The traditional modular kitchen has an L-shaped layout, which enhances the traditional charm of the kitchen. The kitchen here is not enclosed but an open kitchen. The L-shaped layout complements the modular kitchen design here.


The L-shaped layout implements the work triangle rule and positions the refrigerator, the cooktop, and the sink to enhance the functionality of the kitchen space.


There is plenty of room left to allow people to move around the kitchen without bumping into one another. This kitchen also has a dining section. The L-shaped kitchen is versatile, and hence it also leaves room for the installation of an island.


An L-shaped kitchen is ideal for a small modular kitchen design and open kitchen spaces.


The storage units:

The Toskana Crystal is a modular kitchen design that has an optimal number of storage units. The storage units comprise cabinets, drawers, and open shelves. The cabinets and drawers are all in traditional style and have ornate handles and hardware. These handles are a salient feature of traditional kitchen design.


The metallic hardware and handles create a beautiful contrast here as well. The L-shaped kitchen requires vertical storage units, and here overhead cabinets and the glass cabinets have been positioned at an optimal height that ensures easy access. There are plenty of cabinets and drawers to take care of the storage requirement. Short open shelves that have been used to exhibit decorative items are present.


Built-in appliances and kitchen lighting:


The Toskana Crystal is a traditional modular kitchen design with a contemporary twist. The kitchen has high-end appliances that are all built-in appliances. The concealed or built-in appliances are a salient feature of the modern and contemporary kitchen design that creates a clean, streamlined look. Here, appliances are either built-in or concealed behind doors. This blend of design styles has enhanced the classy charm of this beautiful traditional modular kitchen design.


The kitchen, being an open space, invites plenty of natural light. The presence of the glass windows ensures that an adequate amount of light can stream into the kitchen. In the daytime, there is no need for artificial light as the entire kitchen area is receiving adequate light.


For the evening and night, the under-the-cabinet task lighting would do a great job. Recessed lighting and ambient lighting would be required to illuminate the kitchen space. In this beautifully crafted kitchen, the lighting fixtures need to be carefully positioned.


Conclusion: Take the traditional route with Toskana Crystal, a German-engineered, carefully crafted luxury kitchen design from Hacker Kitchens. Visit our modular kitchen showroom and explore our exclusive traditional, modern, and contemporary modular kitchen models.


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