5 ideas to upgrade your Indian kitchen

5 ideas to upgrade your Indian kitchen

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The India kitchen is colorful and is a bustling place where delicious food items are prepared for the loved ones, and is also the place that has the most traffic throughout the day. Step into an Indian kitchen and immediately you are surrounded by the aroma of exotic spices, sizzling sounds, and numerous utensils clanking together. However, usually these kitchens are not given the attention they deserve, and that is because a kitchen is not taken seriously. The functionality of a kitchen is important, which is why the planning assumes a greater significance. However, you could still upgrade your kitchen if you want to, and we have a couple of ideas here, that you should explore and if you truly want something amazing you could check out the latest modular kitchen designs. Let’s find out more here.


How to upgrade your kitchen?


There are several ways to upgrade your Indian kitchen. If you are really interested in taking a big step and doing a complete makeover, then a kitchen remodel might be in the offing or, you could take a smarter step and head straight for the modular kitchen showrooms in Chennai, or, in other cities like Mumbai, Kolkata. However, if you are nowhere near to making big changes then you might be interested in making these small changes here. We have put together five ideas here.




Since in a traditional kitchen design functionality mostly takes the backseat, lighting in a kitchen is not paid much attention to. This results in the kitchens being a gloomy space. A kitchen needs to have a vibrant ambiance, furthermore, since meals are prepared here for hours the lighting must be bright enough for you to carry out tasks without any glitch. So, if your kitchen is still running on the concept of having a single source of light, then it is time to upgrade.


Consider a layered lighting plan for the kitchen area, a clever mixture of different lighting would be right regardless of the kitchen size. Along with ambiance lighting you need to employ the recessed lighting as well. Since kitchen is the most busy place in the house, full of activities, do not forget to include task lighting especially over the sink, and the countertop area. You can have pendant lighting over the kitchen island, or, you might opt for flush mounts.


Open shelves:


For the storage purposes we always rely on the cabinets, well mostly cabinets are the preferred options. However, opting for the open shelving makes sense now, in fact, if you explore the latest modular kitchen designs now you would find that the open shelving is trending and kitchens are being adorned with these shelves. Having these shelves in the kitchen will sort out the storage issues, along with cabinets you can use these shelves to store your kitchen essentials. Now you can use these shelves to store the spice jars, or may be the crockery that you need every day, or, even your tea and coffee sets could be placed on these shelves.


Furthermore, you can use these shelves in your traditional or, modular kitchen for displaying some exclusive bowls or, even little sculptures. You can also use the shelves for the purpose of placing your glossy cookbooks. Another great idea would be to have some mini planters with some indoor plants. These shelves could be used in a versatile manner, and could be built, or, to avoid the mess you can get some floating shelves installed.




You might not have given it a much thought, but having a kitchen island can solve so many issues. Thanks to the aesthetic appeal and the functionalities a kitchen island brings to the table, this feature is gradually getting highly popular among home owners. You can do so much more when you have an island sitting pretty in the kitchen that immediately doubles up as your extra storage space, or, also as your countertop space that you desperately need. Along with being used as the meal preparation area, storage, the island surface also provides you the opportunity to use this as a dining table. Depending upon the size of the island and the space in your modular kitchen or, carpenter-made kitchen you can use this feature in multiple ways. So, consider this option and decide what your needs are, do not worry, there are movable islands available as well.



Kitchen cabinets:



Your kitchen cabinets are the heart and soul of your kitchen. You rely on your kitchen cabinets to store the groceries, the utensils, and whatnot. But with time the kitchen cabinets are bound to get a little drab. So, you must consider exploring ideas to upgrade your kitchen cabinets. There are several things that you could do without replacing the existing cabinets. With a few simple moves you can completely upgrade the cabinets. You can start by changing the hardware of the cabinets, with time these must have become old. So, change these hardware and get some new pulls, as well as new knobs. Keep the size in mind, as if you end up getting something too small or, too large these would not fit at all. If the hardware is in good condition, then do not replace these but paint these. You can also repaint your cabinet doors, and this could create a brand new look. If your kitchen is small, and you need some more cabinets then use the wall space and install some overhead cabinets with glass door inserts which make things more convenient.



Modular kitchen accessories-


The modular kitchen solutions are known for being so efficient, so when it comes to upgrading your kitchen design you should consider installing some modular kitchen accessories. Installing these accessories would reduce clutter and make your kitchen a more efficient space, explore the latest modular kitchen designs to find out more about these accessories. You can use the kitchen baskets which would ensure that your kitchen is well organized, and you have the space you need for your pots, pans, and other utensils. You can make sure that the corners spaces are being used and not getting wasted with the help of the magic corners, and kitchen carousels. This way you can use those hard to reach corners for storing your kitchen essentials. Also do not forget to have the cutlery organizers which can ensure that your spoons, forks, spatulas and other items are properly organized.


Those were the 5 ideas that we have for you that can help you upgrade your kitchen if you are not too intent on taking a big step to replace it with a new version. However, if you ever feel that your kitchen design needs a complete makeover then you should consider visiting modular kitchen showrooms in Chennai and other cities to finalize a design for your home.


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