Why the modular kitchen layout is ideal for an open kitchen space?

Why the modular kitchen layout is ideal for an open kitchen space?

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The open kitchen concept is such a popular trend in the urban India. The apartments are gradually becoming the preferred kind of residences in the urban landscape, and due to space related issues mostly the owners prefer having an open kitchen space. That being said, we also need to mention that this is just one side of the coin, the popularity of the open space not necessarily only stems from the fact that it saves space, but also from the fact that this concept finally allows the dwellers to let go of the barriers. The kitchen, the dining area, and the living room area just merge and allow a family to be together, and spend more cozy time without any barriers. However, even though it’s an open kitchen, it still needs to be functional and properly designed, and may be the modular kitchen would be the right fit for an open kitchen space. Read on to know why.


The modular kitchen layout: What makes it ideal for an open kitchen space?


In order to understand why the modular concept is ideal for the Indian kitchen, we need to dissect the features that make the modular kitchen concept so ideal for a kitchen space big or, small, open or, traditional. So, without any delay let’s find out what makes the modular layout a perfect choice.




The design for modular kitchen is definitely known for its customized solutions. There is no denying it, you can never have such diverse solutions with a regular kitchen layout. An open kitchen must be customized, otherwise you will have problem managing your everyday kitchen chores. You can section the kitchen space into modules, you can have as many storage modules you need, and depending upon your requirement and preference you can have a mix of cabinets, shelves, and drawers. Furthermore, you can have access to sleek appliances that would make your kitchen a breezy space. Since the functionality of the open kitchen space depends upon the planning, you need to ensure that every inch of the kitchen is being utilized. Only a modular kitchen concept makes it possible.


The perfect layout:


Deciding the layout for your kitchen is important, and the smartest layouts come with only modular kitchen concept. Explore the modular kitchen showrooms in Chennai, and you would be presented with the smarter kitchen layouts. Here’s what you can do-


Opt for an L-shaped layout: This layout is just made for the open kitchen space as it does not expand, rather it makes use of the available space by converging two different sections containing the workstation and the storage modules. The L-shaped layout would make your movement easier in the kitchen.


Get the straight-line layout: This layout is perfect for the open kitchen space, as it only takes up one side of the wall. The work unit and the storage units run alongside one wall, thereby leaving you with space in the middle so that you can easily bring in a dining table, and create an intimate dining area.


The island kitchen: Another great variant which is an ideal fit for an open space would be the island kitchen. You can have your straight line or, L-shaped layout and have an island in the middle of it. You can have multiple usage out of it. On one hand you can use this as a dining space, on the other hand, you can utilize this as a workstation by installing a sink and you can also use the surface for meal preparation. Any of these modular kitchen layouts should work just fine for your open kitchen space.



Latest kitchen trends:


The trendiest features could easily be incorporated in the modular kitchen layout. One of the latest trends like the hidden appliances would work great in an open space, you can opt for the smart panels which are quite a rage now. The panels being sleek will hide the appliances, or, cabinets even your pantry section smartly while adding a style quotient to your kitchen design. Furthermore, your open kitchen needs smart design solutions for its storage modules which not only look trendy but also are highly functional. Opt for the latest modular kitchen cabinets and drawers that are handle-less, and you can operate these with a light touch. You can have the pull-out dishwasher, oven shelves and whatnot, check out the modular kitchen showrooms in Chennai to take a look at the latest trends. So, get ready for an open kitchen that is trendy.


Compact and clutter-free:


The open kitchen due to the uniqueness of the concept needs to be absolutely compact. With the design for modular kitchen, you can create a kitchen space that is compact and neat. You have everything well planned and customized with the right number of modules that allow you to make your kitchen functional by making the optimal usage of the space available. Glossy cabinets, dual-toned surface, smart modular accessories allow you to operate your kitchen with efficiency. Clutter in any kitchen is a big no-no, and especially in an open kitchen you cannot deal with clutter. Modular kitchen modules and accessories ensure that you keep the clutter at bay. You have separate drawers for your pans and pots, you have sections in the drawers for sorting out your cutlery, kitchen accessories. You can also have a roll-out pantry section to keep your grocery items neatly stocked yet out of the view. What more could you ask for?


The modular kitchen concept is the right fit for every kitchen, and especially for the open kitchen space it can do wonders. Even if you have no plans of having a kitchen right now, you can still explore these features of modular kitchen that make the concept so unique, and you might want to incorporate some of these when you plan you open kitchen.


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