How to design a luxury modular kitchen?

How to design a luxury modular kitchen?

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With time the traditional kitchen design has undergone a stark transformation, and now the home owners have access to a kitchen that is smart and elegant. The combination of aesthetics and functionality is now mandatory for a modern kitchen, and the traditional, carpenter-made kitchen mostly fails to get this combination right. The modular kitchen concept has started replacing the traditional design, because the modular kitchen concept is so versatile and could fit in every budget. You can tweak the design ideas, and could make the concept fit any mold. If you are feeling curious then you should consider finding out about the modular kitchen price in Kolkata.


The modular kitchen can also take a luxurious turn, and here we have compiled some cool ideas for creating a luxurious modular kitchen. Without any further ado, let’s find out how to design a luxury modular kitchen.


Luxury modular kitchen design ideas:


The material:


Start with the material choice. You can certainly create a luxurious kitchen with the marble. You can have the luxury element by implementing a luxury countertop, cabinets, the kitchen island, as well as the backsplash too should be marble. The lovely white marble surface would not only look expensive, but would also be exclusive, to heighten the effect you can add the metallic glint on the edges, the combination of gold and white would be so appealing to the eyes. Always opt for the polished finish, and if you not want the sharp edges, then opt for a curvy edge. The choice of marble would prove to be highly lucrative as well, the marble is a highly durable material, and it is easy to maintain as well. You can also opt for high quality natural wood if you want. In an all white marble kitchen you can add pops of color with colorful crockery. Visit modular kitchen showrooms in Chennai, to learn about different material options.


Add some glitter:


If you want to create a luxury kitchen, then you cannot say no to the glitters. Now how do you add glittery touches to the kitchen? Add metallic touches to the kitchen surfaces, you can opt for copper, brass finishes. The cabinet hardware the pulls, the knob with the copper metallic finish also make a grand statement. However, if you feel that copper is old fashioned or, too traditional a choice for the luxury kitchen you are planning, may be you would want something different like nickel. If your kitchen is all white then you can easily add the shiny contrast with the copper pans hanging from the racks. Get ready to learn what is the modular kitchen price in Kolkata, and what would be the customization cost.


The layout:


The layout of the kitchen is going to speak volumes about your kitchen space. The luxury kitchen layout needs to be appealing and for that you can choose a U shaped layout or, a G shaped layout. You can never go wrong with either of the choices. Especially if your kitchen is going to be a busy space then you must consider having the G shaped layout. The ideal number of storage and other modules could be added and customized to your need. You can also go for the straight-line kitchen layout and yes create the luxurious ambiance with planning. Go for dark interiors and place an island in the middle and transform this into a dining area, and hang beautiful pendant lighting that can create a beautiful ambiance. Go and explore the modular kitchen showrooms in Chennai, to learn about the different layout options.




Nothing can work like magic, like the kitchen island. The addition of a kitchen island immediately changes the equation, if you do not have any space constraint then you must consider having a big kitchen island here. You can certainly initiate many changes once you incorporate the island element in your kitchen design. The island can offer you a separate countertop area, something that you can use to get your meal preparation done, if the plumbing outlet is not an issue then you should consider installing a kitchen sink there. You can build smart cabinets all around the island to have adequate storage space. The kitchen island design can be as plush, as you want it to be. If space is not an issue in the kitchen, then maybe you should consider having double islands in the kitchen, one could be used as a work station and the other could be used for meal serving purposes. Visit the modular kitchen dealers in Delhi, to learn about the different island options available.


The lighting:


You can create the luxurious ambiance in your kitchen with the help of the lighting. You must keep in mind that the kitchen ambiance must be bright. Install a chandelier in the kitchen, above the kitchen island, and you can immediately create a stunning effect. Nothing spells luxury like a beautiful chandelier. You can also install pendant lighting over the dining area and the kitchen island. Using track lighting is another great way to light up the kitchen along with task lighting where you desperately need those lights to make your kitchen tasks easier.


The appliances:


If you are having a modular kitchen then you have access to the smart kitchen appliances that make your tasks a lot more easier. You have the cooktop, the dishwasher, and many other appliances from top brands. Choose wisely, as these appliances would not only help you with your kitchen work but lend your kitchen that luxurious vibe. You can also choose to hide you appliances if you want by getting the smart panels that hide appliances and create a clean, minimalistic look. When you enquire about the modular kitchen price in Kolkata, you can learn about the brands they collaborate with.


Now that you know how to design a luxury modular kitchen, you would definitely take the next steps. You can also be creative with your approach, and might like to explore the ideas and incorporate some in your current kitchen as well. Talk to the modular kitchen dealers in Delhi, and learn about the different modular kitchen models they have.


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